Anyone got an image of the crazy Danny Ford era unis with the Razorbacks on the chest like wings?

I guess I am bored between seasons and I wanted to look again on the ugliest uniforms in Razorback history, in my opinion. If you got uglier ones, put em up for all to view.

Pictures of anthracites and/or white helmets expected from somebody momentarily.

Looking for this?

I remember those being referred to as the fetal pigs unis. And they were ugly.

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I don’t remember those unis, and I wish I hadn’t seen them now.
Even front facing Hog would think those were awful.
Popcorn Hog wouldn’t care, because he’s high.

Danny Fords agent contacted me about 15 years ago wanting us to use Danny as a spokesman for Little Debbies. He said Danny ate Little Debbies daily. When I told him I was from Arkansas he thought he had hit a home run. It was kinda funny when I told him we didn’t do that sort of thing with our brand.

Wasn’t these worn to celebrate our 100th year of football?

Not really. Jerry Jones had a deal with Apex (which isn’t even in business any more AFAIK) for some similarly ugly unis for the Pokes and Apex did that for us at Jerry’s behest.


That was Jerry’s version.

Almost as bad as the ones the hogs wore :blush:

Apex was awful, but everyone wore them in the 90’s…including us.
What is crazy is that s#$t is worth money now.

You never sw those jeremy? How old are you? Honestly? Unfortunately I remember them like it was yesterday. I actually liked them at the time. Yikes.

I’m 50, Robbie. Hog football was pretty awful when I was in school, but you would think I would remember a uni that hideous.

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Here’s the home version:


Well I’m 60. Ten years older isn’t significant now. But it was then. I remember all-too-well

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It’s great having all you young folk on the board…… :wink: :joy:

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I tried to post a pic of my vintage 1994 white Apex Razorback jersey tee shirt. Apparently the file is too big to post. That shirt is butt ugly. If it were a pair of shorts, it would make my butt look big. However, I did wear that shirt to Tuscaloosa for our wins in 95 &97. So it has a special place in my heart.

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