Anyone going to the Houston game?

I’m thinking about going but wondering where to stay and exactly where are they playing?


They are playing at the H&PE Arena on the campus of Texas Southern University in Houston. I think Houston’s arena is being refurbished this year.

Yep, the TSU arena will be Cougar High’s homecourt this year. Hofheinz Pavilion is being completely redone and renamed. It will reopen as the Fertitta Center, after the billionaire restaurant owner/new owner of the Rockets/UH trustee who wrote the big check for the renovation.

Houston and Texas Southern border one another. Small facility I believe.

Response: that’s correct both campuses are in the 3rd Ward, the Houston campus sprawls out in all directions portions of the campus can be seen and access from the Gulf Freeway 45south, there are hotels littered all along the freeway going south. As it relates to Texas Southern campus the address is 3100 Cleburne Street, Houston TX. It’s bests access is off 288 South freeway

It seats about 7,200.

Thank you guys…I will be there loud and proud

Comments: if the H&PE Arena is in fact the listed facility where the basketball game will be played Saturday, it is located on the Texas Southern Campus, both universities are in the 3rd Ward. Texas Southern campus address is 3100 Cleburne Street, Houston, and best access is the 288 South Freeway. Where to stay there are several options, I will throw out the Holiday Inn Express which is further down the 288 South Freeway. UH is sprawled out in the 3rd Ward, parts of the campus is accessible and seen off 45 south Gulf Freeway. There are plenty of hotels littered along the Gulf Freeway going south ultimately to Galveston