Anyone going to the game this weekend?

Also anyone have a hook up on tickets?

Online they want my first born!

They cut back on our allotment from the first weekend, so secondary market only. Usually you get more as the tournament moves along. Maybe we’re getting “punished” for daring to cheer loudly at Hinkle Fieldhouse


I’ve looked at several secondary sites and the cheapest anyone has is like $217 for upper deck. Downstairs ain’t there.

I got some in the upper level corner row 1, $300. Gulp, but I really want to be there. There is absolutely nothing below the upper level even available, for any price. The NCAA must have made a decision that it was being too risky this past weekend, but it wasn’t like anyone was very close. The Colgate game at Banker’s Life we had seats in the 2nd level, that was where most of the Hog fans were seated. Same thing with Colgate fans, and that wasn’t very close at all. Just a few in the lower bowl, and that looked like just families for the most part.

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