Anyone going to Indy?

I got my notification yesterday that I get tickets from UA’s allotment, making the nice 8 hour drive from east central Arkansas tomorrow. There will be games being played throughout the city, I’m hoping I might can find a way to get tickets to some of the other games while I’m there. The UA allotment is for Hog games only


It’s not too bad of a drive. I drove up there from Little Rock in '89 when we were in the subregional in the old RCA Dome, which is also where Muss made his Big Dance trey two years earlier. Took me about 7 hours going to Sikeston on I-40/I-55, then I-57 into Illinois and I-70 into Indy.

That wasn’t a bad subregional. We had beaten Loyola Marymount with Hank Gathers and Bo Kimble in the first round, which I’m sure softened us up to lose to Louisville in the game I attended. The other game that Saturday was Illinois against Ball State, which was coached by Rick Majerus. That Illinois team was Kendall Gill, Marcus Liberty, Nick Anderson, Stephen Bardo, etc., and they were very impressive. They wound up in the Final Four, where they lost to Michigan in the semis. Michigan then beat Seton Hall in the NCG,

The other thing I remember about that day was how cold it got under the Dome when the fans came on to keep the inflatable roof inflated. Of course it was spitting snow outside the Dome, so I’m sure that didn’t help.

I live in the Indy metro area but I will probably watch on TV. The only decent tickets I found for our round 1 game were almost $500 each

I’m going. Fired up. Go Hogs.

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Ouch…I’m staying home also at 500.00

I’m staying at the Sheraton downtown. One of the things I love about Indianapolis is the number of good restaurants that are within walking distance of the hotels. Love St Elmo’s. Got my reservations for Friday night. Bankers Life Fieldhouse is about a ten minute walk from the hotel

I have taken quite a few out of town guests to St. Elmo’s. It is an Indy landmark.

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