Anyone else worried we mentally take LSU lightly?

I know that sounds crazy but seems some fans are talking like it’s already in win column.

I’m a little worried because we don’t have the talent to just show up - and while LSU is struggling to figure it out after winning national title - there is talent on that team that won the last national title.

I know that sounds crazy but seems some fans are talking like it’s already in win column. . I’m glad the fans don’t play the game. And I truly wouldn’t think Coach Odom will have the defense overlooking anybody.In fact, I believe the entire team might still have a taste of the last 2 years in their mouth. NOPE, this IS a different team. A new era. GHG!

I’m not necessarily saying we’ll win although we probably will I’m just saying if we lost it would not be because we overlooked LSU.

I haven’t seen anything that would suggest Arkansas’ players have looked past any team this season. This coaching staff does a nice job of having them prepared for each opponent, even if the score gets a little lopsided like last night.

Plus, no one at Arkansas has beaten LSU. The Razorbacks have lost the last four meetings by 94 points combined. How can you look past an opponent with that kind of track record?

The LSU game might be the most meaningful to the players who grew up in Arkansas or Louisiana, or as fans of the Razorbacks, and there are a lot of those players on the team. In talking to them in the past you can tell how much they want to win that game. This is probably the best chance of any of their careers to do it.


I cannot imagine that. LSU is loaded with great talent. For whatever reason it has not come together for them, but it is there. I fear that them not playing this weekend was not good for us at all. They have had a chance to think about what they were doing and to try to refocus instead of getting mauled by Bama. They will look at this as a chance to start putting their program back in order and to “save” their coach and they do love coach O.

I have no concern about our guys being ready. They have been ready every week and I am sure they really want this one. They also have a lot for which to play. A 500 season against this schedule following where they were the last two years would be nothing short of a miracle. There is also a Bowl out there for almost certain if they go 500. May not be so if they don’t. No, they will be very ready to play.

Oh yes, there is that Boot. You think how badly those guys would love to go get that thing!

Think our staff does a wonderful job getting the players ready and focused each week. Need CSP back involved in practice ASAP tho.

If before the season started you had said you were worried if “probably won’t win a game” Arkansas would be taking defending National Champion LSU too lightly, either you would have been committed or I would have wanted what you were smoking, or both. Shows the progress we have made that it’s not even ridiculous that you asked the question.

No, we aren’t good enough to take any SEC team lightly. When you look at our offensive and defensive lines, I am amazed we are playing as good as we have this year.

After getting curb stomped by Florida, I don’t think over confidence will be an issue.

I have never understood how people take what some idiot fans say and think the players and coaches are thinking the same thing. The opinion of Joe in Bald Knob has no effect on the team whatsoever.

Not this coach, Not this team. Not with the taste of two SEC winless years still in their mouths.

If the fans were playing, yes.

But these players still respect the LSU brand.

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I wouldn’t think that at all, they seem prepared for every team this year

I’m worried about LSU. They’ve had an extra week to prepare & we know they have great talent. I think we’ll win, but I’m nowhere close to certain about it.

The flip side is you wonder if LSU is taking anyone seriously this season. There is no evidence of that. Conversely, I think this Arkansas team is hungry for any win and looks forward to playing the game. The concern I have is that Arkansas is beat up physically. Hudson Henry might be back this week, but Blake Kern was limping around. He’s been a weapon, more than I had expected.

I am not worried at all. What fans say has nothing to do with what goes on in the players and coaches minds.
Fans worry about this and they worry about that. They take the slightest thing and blow it up and think it is a thing to everyone else.
Not all fans are like that of course. But clearly taking anyone lightly is not in the DNA of CSP and this team after the previous two seasons and getting blown out in Florida has no reason at all to take anyone lightly, least of all defending national champion LSU.

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