Anyone Else Worried About Kopps

I think DVH is in a tough spot moving on and I am worried about long term damage to Kopps.
I am not usually a Chicken Little. And even a tired Kopps is better than most and last night’s results proved it. But I thought he looked tired. I have watched him all season, like many of you, and everything about him looks a little tired.
The rest of the bullpen is letting DVH and Kopps down. It is clear DVH trusts no one else out there in what was considered to be a deep bullpen, which it never really was. If DVH trusted anyone they would have come in to pitch in the sixth and not put Kopps through that extra inning or two that could have been saved for Sunday night.
I think DVH knew he had to win last night so they did not have to play two games on Sunday and could not afford the circus display the bullpen put on Friday night. Plus it was Nebraska after all.
I am not sure what he does tonight. We can pray Lockhart looks like he did against Georgia and the bullpen can be avoided.
I am also curious what Matts Hobbs thinks about these pitchers that have had the entire season to get it together and coming down the stretch are as unreliable as they have been most of the season.
Thank God Noland, Tole and Ramage pulled it together for single outings during the tournament stretch or things might look quite a bit different right now.

I don’t really think he’s tired but his command has not been as good the last 2-3 games and he’s been frutrated, has left more pitches right in the middle of the plate and those can be hit, most take them because they can’t read the pitch but when they swing at it, they can hit it out of the park or hit hard and we have seen… he’s still getting the job done very rarely gives up more than one run, most of the time no runs

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To me, not using your best picture could have been giving the game away. By winning you are in the best situation possible. No decent coach would bypass the chance to win.

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In a word, Yes! I hope we face a depleted pitching staff Sunday and can put on a little home run derby. Score 15 or more runs and it it really won’t matter which pitchers not named Kopps finish this up. I’m just fine with having KK in street clothes and watching this game from the bleachers tonight.

I’ve thought that at times over the last few games. However, I think we’ve just come to expect perfection from him every time he sets foot on the rubber. Even the great Kevin Kopps is not perfect. And, the stats belie what I thought I was seeing as a possibly tired arm.

I believe these stats are correct, but not sure they are exact. The lowest ERA he had in the regular season was 0.74 and he’d increased that up to 0.85 (hard to believe I’m really posting “up to 0.85”) near the end of the regular season. In the post season, he’s now lowered his ERA back to 0.74. So, the stats say what we think we are seeing is probably incorrect.

Additionally, for the rest of the post season, he will be facing the best and/or the hottest batters in the country. They’ve either batted against him and/or seen tons of film on him. Top batters will occasionally catch up with a nearly unhittable pitch. As long as they are not scoring multiple runs, that’s fine and to be expected.

Kopps, even if he’s a little tired, is better than any other college pitcher in the country. I’m now just going to sit back and enjoy watching him make batters look a little silly most of the time.

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Either one of the teams the hogs face will need to beat our hogs twice! Kopps would be available tomorrow!
I think the hogs can win without Kopps today!

He’s not striking everyone out right now, but they’re not scoring on him. The ERA is 0.74, which is just a tick above his season low of 0.71. You know how many times this season he’s allowed more than one run? ZERO.

By the way, three more scoreless innings (which I hope don’t come until the super) would get the ERA back down to 0.71.

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Kopps’s performance is not a concern. What I have read and heard is that Kopps is being instructed to pitch to contact rather than pitching to strike out. Pitching to contact causes him to give up some hits but minimizes pitch count. The number of runs you are leading by determines whether you pitch to contact or to strike out batters. We were ahead comfortably, so he was instructed to pitch to contact. Kopps could strike out a lot more batters in this regional if he needed to.


Pitchers aren’t perfect and have an off day and off days. If KP was really fatigued it would be very noticeable. Does he need a break yes, and will get it soon enough.
Kopps is probably older than anybody on the team I suspect. Body is more mature, stronger and more accustomed to the work load.

DVH will not sacrifice a players health for a win.
That’s fact.

No. Not worried about Kopps. His stuff is plenty good, even when he’s not super human every outing (like he was at South Carolina, or against Vandy in Hoover). I just wish all the other pitchers looked as “tired” as Kopps.

Remember Charley Boyce? He threw over 200 pitches in 2 days during a regional when we beat Wichita State. Coach DVH knows how to navigate these types of decisions.

While I’m not predicting Kopps will throw 200 pitches during this regional, I have no doubt he’ll be used appropriately and be effective when used.

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Strike zone has been tight in the first two Arkansas games. No one is getting the corners. The strike zone was high last night. Real high. You have to pitch to it.

To give up one run with that strike zone was amazing.

The NCAA strike zone always is funny. It can be tight. Then change with the next umpire. Gotta adjust.

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