Anyone else think we might be alright next year?

Good young skill positions coming up.

Get lucky with a little line development in off season or maybe add a juco or two or scotch tape and who knows.

A lot of guys returning on this team,

Coach Morris has a lot of recruiting to do no doubt, and we need depth for future championship runs, but I wonder if we might be able to rite this ship some next season.

I’ll go out on a limb and say we’ll outdo 4-8 and 1-7 :wink:

7-5 would be a good start. 8-4 I think gets rave reviews. Murder row schedule after the first 3…

Goodness, I hope so. I have a bet with my Arizona State friend ($10 to the winners athletic department) on which of our teams will have the best record next year.

We’ve done bets like this before. I think my friend got to be friends with Norm since he’s had to pay off more than I did and all of the bets were about baseball.

I could see 8-4. I think BB was right that we’re close. Not ready to beat Bama, but could have easily won 3 more games this year (TAM, Moo U, Misery). A little better on offense, and even mediocre on D, and 7 or 8 is doable. Especially since Michigan is off replaced by a cupcake.

It should be about 8-4.
I would hope Coach Morris can fix the Oline by year 2. That’s the biggest issue we have. Being aggressive on defense and upgrade speed.

I’ve been trying to figure out the QB situation. Who can run Morris’ offense? Will it be a Freshman or redshirt Freshman? Can Kelley or Storey do it, if both still here? Once we see spring camp, I will have a better feel for how the season prospects will be.

I think 7-5 would be a nice year.

Anything more would be really nice

I would take 7-5 right now.

I think 7-5, 8-4 is about right, but I also think CBB would have 7-5, 8-4 if he had stayed simply because the young talent begins to grow into its own and the softer non-conference schedule. The difference is 7-5 for CBB in Year 6 would not have been good enough, whereas 7-5 in Year 1 after going 4-8 looks very promising for Coach Morris. And if CCM really excites the fan base, 9-3 isn’t out of the question, but it would be unfair to expect that.

The schedule definitely sets up for an improved record. There’s some cruel irony in the schedule finally getting easier right as Bret gets fired.

QB will be interesting. I don’t see Ty Storey starting here. You’d think Cole has the inside track, but perhaps Daulton Hyatt makes a push in the spring. Heard good things about him and he has some mobility. The most exciting part of the hire to me is this staff will go after and utilize dual-threat QBs. That is a huge, huge deal in my mind. Bohanan probably won’t be in a position to play year one, but he could be a game-changer down the road. I expect him to wind up here.

The offensive skill guys have a chance to be pretty good. Devwah, Chase and T.J. is a nice trio at RB, with T.J. probably lining up all over the field. To me, Morris’ creativity is going to be huge in taking advantage of players like T.J., Warren, Barnes and Hayden. Put speed in space and let them make plays. The young, athletic WRs should be in a position to contribute now and having Cornelius back is big.

How the OL develops is big. Had someone tell me they thought Merrick was arguably the most physically impressive of the group, but couldn’t ever get the scheme. So maybe a simplified approach will benefit him, Brian Wallace and others. If the OL is even average, I think the offense will put up a ton of points.

Obviously we have to wait and see what happens with the DC. I think there is some decent individual talent but a lack of depth on that side of the ball. Sosa, Scoota, Dre, Santos, Pulley, Curl are all good players. The secondary could be really good if Montaric makes a leap. Chevin should be a good No. 3 CB. At LB, can someone else emerge? Can Grant Morgan make enough progress in the weight room to make himself a more tenable option. Do they stay in the 3-4 or switch to the 4-3. Outside of Sosa, the DL has a lot to prove.

The team should be way more exciting and benefit from an easier schedule along with younger guys who were forced into action being a year older and better. I could see 6-8 wins, which is a solid starting point in my mind.

7 wins and bowl eligible is almost a must. Anything less and people will be raising all kinds of questions, and maybe they should.

Whooo Trigger!! Stop the train and take a breath for a second.
Unless some sort of miracle occurs that suddenly puts a bunch of competitive defensive players on scholarship for next season we will be fortunate to win a conference game. We just went through a defensive transition and it was a disaster, not due to scheme but because the defensive side of the ball are not competitive in this league. Don’t matter who the DC is if he don’t have the horses and they are not campus. Maybe we get beat by an average of 59-49 or some silly score. CBB at least tried to shorten the games and limit the possessions and I see CCM as going fast and putting the defense back on the field. Should be fun to watch from gitgo but may not result in wins for a couple of seasons. Go HOGS!

  1. Eastern Illinois
  2. Colorado St
  3. North Texas
  4. Ole Miss
  5. Vandy
  6. Miss. St. or Mizzou

I see six possible wins there. Don’t know about CSU and we haven’t shown we can beat MSU or Missouri lately.

I think the possibility for more wins is there for several reasons - a few of which are:

  1. TCU and So. Carolina get replaced with Colorado St. and Vandy. Also, Ole Miss should begin to feel the results of penalties for probation and all the turmoil.
  2. I don’t think Miss St. finds a better coach than Mullen - always thought he got a lot out of their talent.
  3. We have traditionally played A&M close - they are going through a coaching change as well - and its gotta be our turn - right?
  4. I think we have more speed in the young guys at WR, TE and RB than we have had in a while. It should fit this offense. But its not just speed - you gotta catch the ones you have thrown your way. Most spread teams succeed with a high completion rate - receiver must get there - but the ones that can catch it will play.
  5. The style should take some pressure off our weakest link on most plays. Offensive linemen won’t be expected to hold blocks for 3.5 to 4 seconds on many plays during a game or have to outright whip the guy in front of them. Often it is get to a spot and just get in their way. However, they do need to get good enough to make the defense wonder on 3rd and 3 or less whether it is going to be a run or pass. The last two years we failed on too many 3rd and 4th and 1’s.
  6. Surely with all the options we will find a passable quarterback for this offense. It might be Kelly. It might be Story. Or the freshman redshirt from Alabama. Or Bohanan - the Hope from Earle. A dark horse might be Lindsey - the walk-on. Have heard he is a very accurate passer. Completion percentage is big in this scheme - along with the willingness and ability to pick up a few yards running when gaps appear in the opponents rushing lanes. (A better runner can compensate for completion % if that is what your have.) It is also imperative that the QB be meticulous in carrying out all fakes. Often these teams run plays early in the game or a drive to set up something else later. Good fakes make linebackers and safeties hesitate and be uncertain.
  7. We have at least two good LB’s on defense, Dre and Scoota. Maybe Pool will be ready to play immediately.
  8. Overall I think our speed got better in the last recruiting class and need some of these guys to be ready to play.
  9. Still not sure about safeties - but in order to be as aggressive you need really good safeties - maybe Brown is ready to step up - maybe we find a great JUCO ready to play.
  10. Bottom line - its got to get a little better sometime - ? Seems like I can remember Razorback teams of the past with defenses that looked undermaned - but played with enthusiasm, fight and scrapped enough to compete against most teams and at times were downright good. Fundamentally sound - and didn’t give up big plays very often. I don’t think it was a dream - someone tell me they remember those days too.
  11. Also, if the offense is as high powered as we hope to be - it takes a little pressure off the defense. Giving up a single score doesn’t make you think the game is over - because we will be scoring.
  12. Finally - the improved speed overall - with some good coaching - should lead to improved special teams play.

Just my very humble first take - with a good dose of hope. Of course I’ve always been a glass half-full kind of guy - but I think 6-7 wins is very doable - maybe more if a QB really gets it early - the defense steps up above expectations - or we just catch a break or two along the way. Whatever the case - It will be fun to watch - and even more fun if we are winning. Always a Hog Fan.

I was going to post a long reply, but Mr. Carter said exactly what I was thinking.

we have a kicker, will we get a punter?

Entire D is such a question mark. I’m hopeful that a more aggressive ideology could help our D a lot. last season we so rarely blitzed (effectively, at least), just sat back and watched teams score 40 points a game. but our D seemed to improve some as the season went on. Maybe. And Pulley comes back, young corners will be better …we’ll just have to see.

I am hopeful that we wil never again see slow-developing play action pass plays that result in sack after sack after sack. That alone should help our OLine. I just can’t believe that froholdt, Gibson, our center who’s name I can’t think of, Wallace and merrick are truly as bad as that line looked last year. I just don’t believe that, so I really expect improvement here.

And everything Jimmie said!

I really think with some luck and not so many crucial injuries that 7 wins is possible.


Well, since the general consensus was that Coach B was recruiting at a sub power 5 level, I would be shocked if we won more than 3 or 4 games. Not sure scheme can make up for the complete train wreck in recruiting the last 5 years. Not to mention how bad the defense is. One class isn’t going to make up for all the hurt coach B put on this program.

I agree with Gentry. It will take a while to get the squad up to par… Greg McIlroy who I respect,said we have one of the weakest squads. In the SEC. I agree with that assessment. My key is where do we find a quarterback to run that high octane offense? I hope Coach can find somebody to come play that position. Spring ball will be huge this year. I can’t wait for it.

Wasn’t a big redshirt year last year?

I have no idea how many games we will win, but I do know I’m excited about Hog football again. Patience had left my thoughts because what I assumed would happen in games usually did under the old staff. At least I have no clue what can or will happen this fall.