Anyone else think the NFL reviews 'PUSH" rule

It use to be illegal to get behind another player and push them forward. Then they removed the rule a few years back. I think after the world watched Philly use it what 4 or 5 times and see it as unstoppable, they will look to go back to the old rule. Just a feeling I have.

Any opinions out there?

I figure Hurts gets a knee or ankle hurt doing that eventually. Too much humanity.

But I had your thought that it may go away - although most rules favor offense.

It is too close to the origins of the game with the old flying wedge and I agree that it run the risk of causing injuries. A thousand pounds falling forward while attempting to carry a 200 pound QB seems great until the herd falls in a pile.

I think they should look at that rule.

Used to be assisting the runner in any form. Then they changed it to pulling the runner. The center can’t turn around and pull Hurts forward. But they can push him from behind.

Remember the “Bush Push” in a Notre Dame-USC game a few years back? It was illegal then, but the Broomheads got away with it. Don’t know when or why they changed it, but they might change it back.

That was always my understanding. It was ok to push but you couldn’t pull.

The NFL changed the rule to allow pushing in 2005 after determining that it couldn’t be enforced. (Possible paywall)

I well remember the Bush Push. I also well remember that 1960s electric football game where one of the big strategies was to get one shaking player in front of a plastic runner to block and another plastic player behind the runner to push. In fact I once tried an unstoppable offensive formation with the team in a square with the runner hidden in the middle until I got introduced to the “hey, you don’t have enough players at the line of scrimmage” concept.

Ah yes, the vibrating electric football game with the tiny felt footballs. Never did master the art of throwing those little things with the plastic QB.

I never mastered that either. I am glad there wasn’t an Internet back then with people complaining about my passing accuracy.

I have one of those upstairs. The grandsons loved playing with it a few years ago.

I don’t know about the NFL , but I hope Enos implements it with K.J. He had too many carries with empty backfields on the goal line last season.

Seems like the Hogs have used it through the years sparingly. Maybe even with KJ a few times. KJ or a back trying to get another foot or two and a lineman or other player pushes the whole pile forward.

I don’t have a problem w it. It’s not as easy as it looks, or everybody would have the Eagles success %. You have to have the OL and the great athlete at QB. Plus, as pointed out in another post, you risk injury to your meal ticket.

The center is a giant piece in this.

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