Anyone else think one of these announcers is against Arkansas.

On Hatchers TD grab he was completely against that being a TD.

On the VT catch and fumble, he was for giving it back to VT.

This guys seems like he is either Pro ACC or VT or anti SEC or Arkansas.

I know there is a lot of anti-SEC out there and it might look bad
for one of the middle of the pac SEC teams to beat on an ACC team
that just played in their championship game.

Honestly, I think he is just dumb.

They continue to talk about the Hokies…

Nothing new.

At least they have not called us Arizona like others have done! The completed pass, that was a fumble, the opening fumble and the TD catch by Hatcher just shows how stupid the guy is. Get use too it.

He’s not biased.
Just an idiot.

Where did they find this clown?
I bet Patrick is ready to choke him.

Such interesting history about the Hokies…