Anyone else think of this??

When the Dee Walker news broke today? First thing I thought of. … -drug-bust

I thought of the Jermaine Brooks bust in 2002.

Yes, me too. A MLB, and for me, even a bigger surprise than Dee Walker’s arrest for virtually the same things. Brooks though, was a big contributor on the field while Dee Walker hasn’t been.

And he was a team captain that year.

I was not aware of that incident. What was the result for Jackson and how is he doing right now?

Yeah . . . that one too. … story.html

Brooks was who I first thought of when reading it as it seemed similar but couldn’t remember his name at the time (coffee hadn’t kicked in yet) so thank you for reminding me of it.

When I lived in the dorms while a student at Connors State, I lived directly above the Men’s Basketball dorms, in the same breezeway. I knew of at least 4 players that were well known “pharmacists”. 1 of them actually went on to be a pretty solid D1 player as well (Not for Arkansas).

One night, the entire Warner police department (All 4 of them) and a couple deputies came and raided the 3 quads they lived in and hauled 3 of them out in cuffs. Turns out they also had a pretty elaborate scheme set up to steal liquor from the liquor store in town, so we saw the cops carry drugs and a few cases worth of booze out of the rooms that night.

Somehow not one of them got charged with anything over that deal.

  1. Could that be the reason his dad left the razorback booth last season?

That incident was 9 years ago, so - no - I don’t think so.

Had forgotten or just wasn’t aware…searching can’t find any result of sentencing. Would I have thought of it? Maybe, but looking at the scope of the charges that is Apples and Oranges.

Cedric Cobb ring a bell? Wasn’t he involved in a prostitution ring? Long after his career was over though.

Same. Was discussing this with a parent.

Jermaine Brooks was a DL. You’re probably thinking of Jermaine Petty at LB, he of Ole Miss 7OT game.

Jermaine Brooks was very similar story. Nobody ever would’ve believed it had he not been arrested. Everyone loved him. Extremely nice and courteous guy.