Anyone else notice Yurachek's son catching a pass in the Raider-Ram game? … n-yurachek

Didn’t notice that but I did see Brandon Allen played decently and got quite a few snaps.

Guessing you didn’t watch, Brandon played awful complete with the required Allen stare down of a receiver and throw the ball to the opposition who read him like a book. He didn’t get a lot of help but he still played poorly.

Yuracheck caught a pass last week also, he is a good looking FB/H-back prospect.

Brandon Allen was 6 of 11 passing for 68 yards with a pick.

He was 10-of-15 in the previous game for 73 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

So he has not been great or awful.

Not saying you are one of those guys, but there are still some in the Arkansas fan base who still refuse to acknowledge how good Brandon was in his last two years at Arkansas.

If only his name had been something besides Allen, I bet he would get the accolades he deserves.

He threw for 7,463 yards - the third most in Arkansas history.

Allen started his final 34 games – the longest streak for an Arkansas quarterback since joining the SEC in 1992 … Finished second in program history in career pass completions (583), second in attempts (1,016) and third in completion percentage (57.4).

… Ended his final season going 244 of 370 passing for 3,440 yards and 30 passing touchdowns along with one rushing touchdown … 30 passing touchdowns ranks No. 2 in single-season school history and second in the SEC … 64 career touchdown passes is a school record … Tied for the highest ESPN Total QBR in the country (87.8) with Clemson’s Deshaun Watson and Baylor’s Seth Russell

I did watch part of the third quarter; I had some other things to do yesterday like go to work. You and Fred comparing notes?

Most of his last 15 games he played mostly to his potential before that he was extremely frustrating to watch, never playing consistently to his potential imo.

He did not play at an NFL level yesterday.

His college numbers don’t lie and he’s in the NFL.

Must not suck that much.


His college numbers don’t lie and he’s in the NFL.

Must not suck that much.

[/quote] :stuck_out_tongue:
Who said he sucked? You are sounding like a regular Joe message board guy now

In common understanding of the vernacular , “played awful” is the same as “he sucked”. Everyone over the age of ten since about 1970 knows that. You said it, own it.