anyone else notice that Dabo denied Kelly Bryant a ring??

not sure that it links Chad Morris to anything going on since he has long been out of the Dabo galaxy, but it is a bit harsh and matter of fact: … ear-2-leap

reading down from the KB story is another story about potential second year breakout coaches and CM is mentioned favorably.

Anyone believe Finebaum has it right that the ring snub will haunt Dabo? … 6f90e.html

I don’t given the current atmosphere. I got to ride on a plane to Barbados with one of his top recruits, Jackson Carman who is the biggest human that I have ever been dwarfed by in a commercial plane seat. Dude was going surfing and had a long conversation with my daughter and me. Love him and hope the best for him, in NC game I rooted for Clemson over Bama because of Jackon. Believe me 6-7 and 350 of sculpted muscle is hard to find a surfboard for. At any rate he discussed Dabo at Cardinals spring training and his travels with his Nashville girlfriend all over the Ohio to SC ground that could be covered. He loved and raved about Dabo especially as it relates to t-OSU and Urbanna. … 4yPsmFUrM/

If as Clay discussed in his Turner Gill column that 250 decisions daily with 3 or 4 being critical to being right, then the decision to snub KB will come up again and again in recruiting. Dabo seems to be on top of even Lord Saban at this moment in time and no one in sight to pass him.

Why would he even consider giving a ring to someone who quit the team? That would send a very bad message.

I’m with you all the way eagle hog dude wasn’t even on the team why would he get any hardware?

I don’t really blame Dabo. IIRC, Bryant never played a down for the 2018 team. Still, I’m all for it coming back to haunt Dabo.

He played in four games


He played in four games

[/quote]And completed 36 passes for well over 400 yards.

I would think the ring thing would depend on what the Clemson players felt about Kelly Bryant. I really have mixed opinions. I do know that most pro teams award rings when someone played with them for a part of the year. But, if they quit? I don’t know. They demoted him and he bailed. I understand why he bailed. He knew he was not going to ever start again unless Lawrence was injured.

I talked to Ben Hicks about him leaving SMU. He said he was going to spend part of the early summer with some of his former college buddies in Dallas. It might have been two weeks during the first semester of summer school. There were no courses that were going to help him in his Masters at Arkansas. And, the team was not supposed to be there during that brief period. He wanted to work out those two weeks, but knew he could not go by the SMU training facility. As he said, “It’s been too soon.”

When you leave a school as a grad transfer, there is a stigma.

Would I have given Bryant a ring? I don’t know. I do not think badly of Dabo for not. I guess I understand it.

Will it be used against them in recruiting? Probably, but EVERYTHING is used against you in recruiting. But most kids are going to tell myself, I won’t ever leave there and I’ll get a ring.

Yes, their first 4 games, at which time he quit the team so he could save his red-shirt year and become a grad transfer. I agree with Dabo, that Bryant didn’t play a part in Clemson’s great season by quitting of his own volition. If I remember right, Lawrence got hurt just shortly after he quit and Clemson nearly lost a game. They had to come from behind in the 4th qtr, I believe.

Dabo might have received more criticism had he chosen to give Bryant a ring.

One of the toughest lessons a leader learns is that almost every decision you make will make some happy and others angry. A good leader looks at every side of a situation (decision) and determines the best action to take. Then he/she can lay your head on the pillow and sleep well.

You can’t please everyone.

Okay. I stand corrected. Not sure it matters. Quitting after game 4 probably disqualifies him for a ring in most places. I don’t blame him for leaving, but I don’t blame Dabo for denying him the ring since he left only 4 games into the season. If he’d been hurt or something, it would have been a different matter.

Either way, I hope it hurts Dabo’s recruiting.

A guy who left the team early in the season should get a ring???

Heck, I watched a few Clemson games, and my cousin is a huge fan, I think I should get one!!!

Maybe it wasn’t just Dabo’s decision, but ultimately he accepts the heat afterward.
Sign of a good leader.
Won’t put a dent in recruiting.

Kelly Bryant probably didn’t even want a ring. He certainly didn’t deserve one after quitting on his team. The guy quit because he got beat out. He took his ball and went home. He doesn’t get anything from me if I am the coach. Gee, I hope his feelings aren’t hurt. Why is this even up for debate?

I’m sure Mizzoui was quick to fill the ring void for Bryant with a few diamonds…