Anyone else getting this

Anyone else getting this message when trying to read articles from the main site?

This website May be impersonating” to steal your personal or
Financial information. You should go back to the previous page.

        Show details.            Go back.

yes, I had to bypass the message

Me too. I have to thru google and bringing up wholehogsports message boards

I tried that and got a “proceed at your own risk” message.

This just started today.

Yeah, that’s my concern about how legit this warning is.

Seems like in the past, there was a time when you couldn’t get to the front pages, but you could back door your way into the forums.

I just got a warning from my security service that this is a compromised site, “data may be at risk”.
From Kaspersky Total Security.

I just received the same message.

Kaspersky, huh? Perhaps this explains all the vitriol on the board… it’s Russian Hackers! :laughing:

I do not think it is anything to be worried about, but I have asked our IT to look into it. I get these types of messages from time to time on various websites.

This should be corrected now.