Anyone else get embarrassed when

there’s no running water at Kyle Field?

The tweet from A&M said that fans could leave the stadium to use facilities at nearby buildings. But they had to have a ticket and would be searched when they come back.

I thought the concession fiasco at the TCU game was bad…

Only an Aggie…

My wife is at the game. She is not happy. Said it was a broken water line.

when Poster A makes a sad attempt to bolster their argument for moving all Razorback football games from Little Rock to Fayetteville based upon a malfunctioning piece of electronic equipment at WMS … and Poster B becomes so consumed by that post that, even years later, they cannot seem to simply let it go an move on.

Is it your thought that by identifying system failures at other sport facilities, the original poster will man up and admit how pathetic their argument was?

Good luck with that. :roll:

Lighten up, Francis. Notorious is still making fun of the people who complain every time the WMS clock malfunctions. I guess they don’t teach you about satire in Los Angeles

If you thought that was bad you better go hide, they just had a clock malfunction…

Wrong. I’m not making an argument for LR at all. I don’t want the games there.

I’m just making fun of whiny posters. And, it works every time.

And, I’ll man up any and every time it’s necessary.

Saw that. It was so embarrassing. It almost made me turn purple.