Anyone else feel this way after lawn work?

How did you get past my front gate guard?

I think that is Trump’s servant quarters.

:lol: :lol:

Decent third home for the Palm Beach crowd…

How much do I owe you for your work. Thanks

I actually got a text asking me if that was my house. LOL.

A friend showed me a text of his son asking if the house was mine. I’m a hard laugh but I was near tears when he shared with me.

Richard is the Arkansas bag man, no wonder we don’t get any Five Stars… at least you spent the money on a good investment.

I don’t know how I would feel after doing lawn work…I’ve never done any. One of my life’s goals is to never own a lawn mower.

That’s my room top right. I get afternoon sun. Always my preference. Sleep until noon and then see how far the yard work has gone. I tell the prune guy to stay in the east side of the hedge until I’m up and to make that 2 pm in case I had a tough night. He’s not allowed to use any gas power tools until at least 2:30 pm. Don’t like noise when I’m trying to rest.