Anyone else experienced very slow loading coming into the forums?

Just the last 3-4 days, I’ve noticed this. It’s been so slow at times, I’ve had to close and reopen 3-4 times consecutively to get in. I have zero problems on any other sites I’ve visited. In fact on Whole Hogs, it’s only the forums that have been slow opening. The home page opens immediately. The forums are slow whether I’m coming from the home page or trying to open them directly?

By the way, I’ve cleared cache, history, etc. - no help. Even shut down my computer - no help.?

I’m not having any trouble. I’m on my laptop and connected via WiFi. I’m running the XM-Sirius app on my TV while on-line.

I’m on my desk-top, an AIO, running chrome. I just now tried opening forums directly through my “favorites” link (same link as on my AIO) on my phone (android), also on chrome. The forums opened immediately. Both phone and desk top are running through the same wi-fi. Must be something in my desktop link that the Forums entry doesn’t like? Very weird. Like I said this has only happened the last 3 or 4 days.

I had that problem last Sunday when using my laptop. No problems this week only using my mobile.

Loading has been very slow at times recently, both phone and laptop; I get the red and orange dots blinking and the word “loading”. And when I checked the board at 4 a.m. today on my phone, I got the dreaded Error 502 (both Chrome and Firefox).

No I haven’t noticed any

I haven’t had any trouble at all.

Same here earlier. Error Seems fine now.

Been slow a few times, but mostly doing just fine.

About 15 minutes ago I got the red dot thing again.

Me too!

No problem on my iphone

Yeah, I haven’t had any problem on my phone, just my desktop.

On occasion recently opening a forum has buffered a lot.