Anyone Else Concerned By Catalon Comment?

Not trying to stir up anything, but rather trying to understand or get more info…Catalon leaving for the portal is odd to me. He was your defensive captain, so what happened that makes him want to start over elsewhere? Is it a better NIL $ opportunity? Maybe his inner circle not happy about how he’s been treated or handled by medical staff?

I was assuming he’d declare for the NFL, but changing schools seems odd here and my spider senses are going off…


Well his coordinator is no longer employed at the UA and we haven’t announced his successor

It’s not the same game of College Football. Every year, get ready.

He’s played 1 quarter of Football in the past 20 games. 2020 was long time ago guys.

He’s really tight with Odom

Evidently he can get a signing bonus at well financed schools

Doesn’t surprise me. I could see a guy wanting a fresh start after having back-to-back seasons ending with injury. He may feel like he’s snake bitten here.


In todays climate, my first thought with every portal announcement is $$$. Then go down the list from there.

Texas is offering him a lot of money.

To me….he surely looks like he’s injury prone so it really doesn’t matter where he plays….he probably won’t be on the field very long. Some promising kids are just like that. Bummer.

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Yes. Remember Colby Berna?

I posted few months ago. A genuine leader and charismatic presence, but likely won’t complete a full year of football, he is injury prone, for whatever reasons.

His football career may very well be over. So probably best to get as much money as you can and go experience a new place.

I’ll add J Strain, Steadman Campbell to the list with Colby Berna. And I guess Catalon.

Yeah I have to agree with you Richard… guys just had incredibly bad luck and a fresh start may turn things around for him. I appreciate him trying his best to come back this year and play for us but he is just had some really bad breaks.

It has been said by someone “in the know” elsewhere that Ole Miss has been recruiting Catalon for weeks and that he may end up there.

We’ll see.

Makes sense - he was a Sam Carter fan

I haven’t seen that, thanks. I see a lot Texas fans saying that Cat is coming “home” and is getting PAID but I chalk that up to mouthy Texas fans. I have no idea either way but I do know that his leadership both on and off the field will be sorely missed. Wishing him the very best though I hate that we lost him.

Colby is one basketball ref that I would never yell bad things at.

For what it’s worth, Sam Carter was at the U of A’s graduation this morning to support Catalon. He posted his congratulations on IG.