Anyone doing research on Rice?

Or is it too early ?

I’m working on the bourbon for the game :wink:

How many returners? How many production people on offense and defense?

What are their offensive and defensive schemes?

Much obliged GHG

I like jasmine, basmati and Arborio, especially for risotto.

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just got my first bottle of Blanton’s, will likely use that for victory celebrations this year. unless I feel like Adictivo tequila, which is AWESOME!!!


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Looking forward to that. Tried some Woodford Reserve after the Florida bb series in May with some classmates. I’m hooked.


Now that’s funny right there…

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That Woodford is some of my favorite

Perfect for a Razorback Victory!

Clay just posted a good article on Rice. Now, we leave the Bourbon selection to you!


Got several classic bourbons for Gage visits.

Elijah Craig
Woodford Reserve Double Oaked
Regular Woodford.

And there is my 50 year Razorback Bourbon for special stuff. It is just a pint. But good.

There is some Crown Royal for Jim.


I’ve tried my hardest to find where your Razorback Bourbon was made

I have found several but not yours

Talking with The apprentice At Bullet Bourbon we suspect it was made at the Bardstown distillery as there is record of a number of football promotional bottlings in the 1960’s

But that is a guess - soon after I found some Razorback bourbon decanter bottles from Heaven Hill and another that escapes my memory

I hope it aged well for you Clay - it’s a unique bottling - perfect fir the Razorback fan that wants somthing rare and unique

Congratulations you got a winner bourbon :tumbler_glass:

I have been working on the Rice scouting report for the magazine.

Rice is mostly a spread offense, but also lines up in some pro sets. Its head coach, Mike Bloomgren, is the former OC at Stanford during the Christian McCaffrey years, and this year he hired Marques Tuiasosopo as the OC. They run a 4-3 defense.

There are 22 starters back from last season — 9 on offense, 10 on defense and 3 specialists. The big loss was their linebacker who grad transferred to Missouri. Luke McCaffrey, the former Nebraska QB, transferred in during the summer and is battling two QBs with starting experience, 2019 starter Wiley Green and 2020 starter JoVoni Johnson (from Conway). It sounds like either McCaffrey or Green will start at Arkansas. McCaffrey is a great runner, but his passing numbers weren’t strong at Nebraska.

Rice wasn’t able to play many games last season (5) because so many were called off. One game was called off hours before kickoff.

The Owls have been a bottom of the barrel team in the C-USA for several years, but upset Marshall 20-0 in December, which was their first win over a ranked team since early in the Ken Hatfield years. Time will tell if that was the start of a program turnaround or an aberration.

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Your evaluations are so succinct and Packed with useful pertinent information

Do you have training doing executive summary’s?

I will make sure to not share any of this outside this board as you prepare the magazine scouting report

TYSM I’m hoping our Razorbacks serve up “Smoked” Owl that night


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Sounds like it could be a tough game. Going to require more than just rolling the Hog Helmet out there and a Hog call. I can remember a lot of very difficult games against Rice even when we were good.


That pint s still 90 percent full.

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Awesome - if it good - we know it’s aged

Should be perfect for a sip with wiins over UTex (spit) Tex A&M and UGA

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I’m thinking on it - should publish it this next week

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