anyone care

that regular folks can’t get a seat in the new expansion?? I’ve been trying for months and threw some big money at it. I’ve got a kid starting there in the fall and another coming up. So I need seats for the next decade. Tried, but no love. i guess DWRRRS is only for multi-millionaires going forward. Anyone else have any luck securing seats?

OMG, this site is soooo helpful. Thanks to all. At least I have two pages of reading if I had put my tomatoes out too early. Great Hog stuff.

You waited one minute for an answer at 12:20 am. :roll:

So, they’ve told you that all the club seating was sold? That all the Loge boxes were sold, even though they haven’t marketed them yet? I’m not buying it.

I just wrapped up my seat selections on Friday, and there were plenty of seats to be had…even for non-millionaires like me. Saw hundreds of seats in the lower deck for as little as $500 annual donation to the Foundation. I understand the term “big money” has different meanings to everyone, but have to believe the original post was not just about some difficulty buying tickets. Not sure what the anger is, but this one is pretty far off-base.

A good tomato crop is almost as important as a Hog win. At least to me.

Both are wonderful. :smiley:

Just a guy wanting to trash talk. If you want season tickets, good ones can be had for fairly reasonable prices and it just takes a phone call or 2.

So OP is trying to buy seats that don’t exist yet? That aren’t being marketed? That’s like trying to buy a 2020 model Corvette, dude. I’m pretty sure there will be one, but you can’t buy it yet.

Technically you can, but you have to be able to afford it. It’s marked waaaaaay up.

I’m not sure what the OP’s beef is. Do you want tickets in the new part? If so, of course they’re not available yet & I doubt they’re priced yet. Enough money will get you seats there. If the OP is someone who has never bought tickets & thinks none are available anywhere in the stadium, he’s nuts. They’re not only available, they can be had in the UD’s for pretty low prices.

Someone just wants to bitch.

Agree. But I can’t tell who he’s bitching at. The UA or this board for not heeding to and answering his questions promptly? Regardless, the tomato thread is ten times better.

Was looking at the seat map with some thoughts of trying to move my tickets to sit with other family members. Didn’t make a change, but if I was reading the requirements correctly, you can get some of the club seats in the south endzone for a pretty minor donation, like $150 a seat. Sure the tickets are more expensive, but I am seriously considering cutting my donation and moving over there next year to save some money.

Correct. You can get in the club seats pretty easily as far as donation. The tickets themselves are pretty pricey though.

They have not marketed the seats, but they have marketed the suites. I’m told that 2/3 are taken. I don’t get your question. I’d call Scott Varady at the foundation.

The Foundation doesn’t like it when you cut your donation. Unless the south endzone is a “downgrade” compared to your current seats I doubt they will let you do it.

From what I understood, the club seats in the north end zone weren’t even being offered as of three weeks ago; only the suites.

Generally true. However, because of my current situation, I called them a few weeks ago, explained that situation, and they reduced my contribution for 2017 to the minimum needed to keep my current seats. They were quite willing to work with me.

I had a different experience when I cut my donation. I was moved to a less desirable section. Kudos to you for getting it done.

I can say for certain because I asked about a month ago: the only inventory being marketed for sale at this time in the new construction is the suites. I asked about the loge seating and they told me all they were trying to sell right now are various size NEZ suites. They tried to get me to commit to one, but I have no desire, or that much disposable income, to consider one. They said they wouldn’t begin selling the loge boxes or club seats until a later date, they didn’t want to jeopardize their ability to sell the top tier seating. They’ll start selling the loge boxes before any club seats are sold, they’ll just move down the ladder.

As long as I meet the minimum donation levels, and there are seats available, I don’t see how they could stop me. I am currently in 115 so location-wise they are kind of a downgrade, but as the years go by my ass isn’t getting any narrower, so the club seats probably make it worth it. A big part of the decision will be how they adjust the parking this year, with so many spots in lot 44 being taken away.