Anyone care to explain what happened at Baum?

So some players got tossed… what did they do? What happened?

Apparently, kids being kids and jerking the chains of a few folks. Read the comment following the link.

I did read the comments and I don’t see what they did. No one says. Or else I’m too dense to understand it. Otherwise I’d not have posted here asking for an explanation.

Plus I cannot be sure with the algorithms used on Twitter if I am seeing everything or not. I’ve had some funny business going on with what I can and can’t see due to quite a bit of political posting back and forth there. Not everyone see the same things via a twitter feed. I’ve suspected for some time my feed has a bit of a shadow ban on it.

Here ya go…

Mason Choate




Post-National Anthem stand-off here at Baum-Walker. Isaac Webb and Cal Kilgore were tossed before the first pitch for it. Jaxon Wiggins and Brady Tygart dropped out before getting thrown out.




Mason Choate


For those who are confused…they are just messing around and having fun for the last scrimmage of the fall.

This sort of thing happened years ago at a mlb game. It also happened this year in September between former team mates.

Yeah, it’s just a game. After the national anthem, all players are supposed to clear the field with the exception of the 9 on defense, first batter, and on-deck batter. Sometimes a member of each team that isn’t one of those 11 will stay out in a game of “chicken”. Umpires can actually toss you if you delay the start. The player that bows out first loses.

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Thank you @RyanRitchie for explaining that to this old fart. I had no idea they did things like that. I’ve followed football and basketball since I was pulled from the womb, but only started watching baseball in the last 10 yrs. So some of those “unwritten” things that go own, I don’t know about and have to ask.

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