Anyone been to Puerto Vallarta

We’re thinking of going on spring break.

Do you have a bullet proof vest? :wink:
My brother and sister-in-law loved it there so much
they wanted to figure out some way to buy near there.

We love Isla Mujeres on the other coast just
off Cancun. So beautiful and peaceful. It is a tiny
island and you have to take a ferry to get there.
Secluded, quiet, relaxing, it is not the hot tourist trap
club med atmosphere of the much larger Cancun area.
Gorgeous, warm water.

go north to Saylita or Punta Cana for better surfing and fishing respectively. They still play up the Night of the Iguanas stuff. Lots of jungle stuff heading south. Riviera Nayarit is great. I actually looked at buying a sports bar in Sayulita which is hippie themed with good restaurants and iron pyrite that makes the beach glow gold. Plenty of offshore excursions. Hard to go wrong in most major Mexican tourist towns. Last time I was in Punta Cana they had the Caribbean World Series in Jalisco state. PV is nice, easy airport to navigate.

We were there in November before Thanksgiving -low season- stayed at Westin a nice hotel. Then as Razorbacker suggested we went North about 45 minutes to Punta Mita a very nice experience.

adgebg, In todays world its getting to the point where you have to wear a vest any place you go??

I wouldn’t really travel to Mexico if it was me…especially not spring break. But if I was going to go, I would choose Cabo. Loved it!

We just got back from Belize and it was wonderful.

Long ago. 2 couples. Ate locally, we all got sick as dogs for 2 days of 5 day vacation. Thank goodness it didn’t happen on return flight, they would have opened the door and thrown us out. Took a drive in Jeep north and encountered a pick up full of locals w machine guns. They encouraged us with hand jesters to turnaround which we quickly did. Pot growing region we were told later. Lots of poverty. If I went back, which I won’t, I would find some all inclusive resort and never leave the property.

We went to Punta Cantaand enjoyed the heck out of it

Last time I was there was in the mid 90’s… stayed at a hotel downtown (don’t remember the name) and had a blast… was a bit sketchy when you left town and of course, as is the case most places, you had to be aware of your surroundings after dark. There was a Jack Tar Village, if I remember correctly, that was pretty popular but again… 20+ years ago.

I used to go to Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco or Ixtapa every year back then and Cabo occasionally. Cabo has really changed and has a ton of great places to stay but the water is cold this time of year and you can’t really get in the ocean much there. While I was living in San Diego we’d go pretty much every Feb/Mar for a few days and stayed at an all inclusive to just chill.

We just partied there back in the day :smiley:

We went back in the mid 90’s. We had a great time. It is a beautiful place, great food, things to do. We used to go to Mexico once a year. I would never go there again. Too much crime. Richard , look at Costa Rica instead.

obviously got in a hurry because it is Punta Mita in MX and Punta Cana in DR.

Lovely place. Went a few SB’s ago with my wife and daughter. We all 3 ended up sick by the 2nd day. Wife did 24 hours in the hospital. Haven’t been back to Mexico since…and won’t.

jerrys4hogs sent you a PM

I went back in the late 80’s and loved it.

But I would echo what was said about Costa Rica.
Wonderful experience and very affordable.
Had a cottage on the Pacific Beach for $70/night

I’m writing this from the port in Cozumel Mexico (on a cruise). We never leave the port area anymore in Mexico we just don’t feel safe. We were in Puerto Vallarta about 6 years ago and the Police presence was scary. Our cab driver (back to the ship) said the drug cartel had caused much trouble there. I would recommend an all inclusive resort that you do not leave.

I just applied for my first passport. I’ve been to Mexico long ago when you didn’t need a passport to drive across. Went on a bus trip well south of San Diego. That was with AZHawg on our site. Enjoyed it.

The trip I’ve booked is to Cabo with my older brother Butch. We will stay a week in the summer. Jean Ann and Sarah are going, too, along with several members of Butch’s family. Sarah has been to Cabo and says it’s not like any other area of Mexico – but expensive. Butch and his wife go two or three times a year. They just got back from three weeks in Cabo. Not a bad way to spend January.

We will do some deep sea fishing, but no golf. I was stunned when Butch said we’d fish instead of golf, because he’s an avid golfer. I think he knew that I’d jump at going if it was fishing and he was correct. Whether or not I will try to catch a marlin or tuna on the fly is still being debated. I figure this is going to be cut bait fishing.

My wife and I fell into the gringo trap way back and bought into a time share (Beware… they will start on you at the airport, trying to sell you those time shares). Actually, when my wife and I bought, it was fairly cheap. We went once a year for twenty-five years. We loved it. We knew where the best food was…at the best price. The food in Puerto Vallarta is much better than Cancun. The beaches are definitely not as pretty on the Pacific side of Mexico but I never got in the water anyway. The resort atmosphere is nice. You could ride a bus to town for $.50 and even up to coast to some of the other towns mentioned above. We would hire a taxi and go where all the tours charge you a fortune to go. The taxi drivers loved it and showed off their tour guide skills. Ninety percent of the tequila in the world is made in Jalisco where Puerto Vallarta is located. There was this kid who we watched grow to manhood who came down the beach every morning yelling “muffin man”. To me, the pineapple muffins were the best (with a cup of Mexican coffee, it was heaven).

Alas, we haven’t been in at least fifteen years. I get nostalgic for a trip but my wife will not go. The new wave of crime in Mexico has her spooked. Plus, the folks in Puerto Vallarta started getting a little greedy and began to kill the golden goose. Okay, I’ll stop it.