Anyone agree that injuries have made Hogs 2023 basketball almost identical to football 2022

Been thinking about that lately…

The basketball team has the talent to win a lot of games still available on the bench. They just need Walsh and Black to gain confidence and Council to start playing like his hair is on fire. The big are doing their job! Devo needs to help provide scoring. The outside shot has too fall for them.


There’s nothing similar between the two programs other than the name on front of the jersey


Way too early to say. Version 4.0 of the Muss regime is like all the others-January is the worst month. Now, if 4.0 follows the pattern, February and March will be much better. We just have to wait and see how the freshman develop in the next few weeks, how the staff figures out the best way to win, and whether Nick Smith comes back.

Aloha Sir,
Me also. The range and depth of injuries has most definitely affected the capabilities, expectations and ceilings of both football and basketball this year. For football, Hogs lost their top DB and DL at the start of the season. KJ missed a couple of games and was very limited for a couple of others. By the Liberty Bowl, both starting LBs were out and the defensive secondary was a mess.
A few young defenders stood out…especially freshman Quincey McAdoo who moved over from receiver.
The basketball team has lost two of their top five players, two of top three scoring threats. That’s 40% of your starters and at least 66% of your offensive firepower. Hogs have yet to have any players stand up and ably take up the slack…most especially offensively. The whole model CEM built during the off season has been blown up by the start of the SEC season.
Incredibly discouraging and a lot of what if’s……
UA…Campus of Champions


Ya ok now I’ll go ahead and say maybe. After starting the year in the top ten… What’s the basketball equivalent of finishing barely winning the liberty bowl to finish just above .500?


Apples and oranges. Even depleted, our basketball team could still make a Final 4.
Our football team…thank goodness for a 12 team playoff.
There is zero comparison between the 2 programs.

We are all going back to the last two years and think that this team will find it’s way back. Let’s face it that we are horrible shooting team that will not get better. The problems that we are having now are not over night fixes.

They were not overnight fixes the last two years either. The team gradually clawed its way out of the dumps, and was playing good basketball by the second week in February. Can this team do that? Remains to be seen. It’s easy to be less optimistic that will happen, because of the inconsistent offense.

The bad defense in last night’s second half is more likely to get fixed, albeit not without a cost. Based on what’s happened in the past, Muss is going to find six or seven guys who will play hard (and smarter, which was the real problem yesterday) on defense and play those guys, even if it means we don’t rebound as well and the offense stays inconsistent.

I will be very curious as to how much K Johnson plays next game. Playing hard is not his problem, and sometimes he plays smart. But he really has trouble with the emotional part of the game. He’s in the middle of something almost every game, and I think that maybe is influencing Black a bit.

I think Kamani sees himself as kind of a Draymond Green-chief hustler and instigator. That role can be very valuable on a basketball team, when it makes the other teams lose focus and you have consistent shooters/scorers who do the offensive work. But that does not work very well when your scorers/playmakers are getting mixed up in it too or just aren’t producing.

TB and NSJ are 40% of our starting lineup. I’d say yeah.

Muss was playing TB off the bench, but he was playing starter minutes.

You’re right. Regardless, he was one of the best players we had.

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For sure.

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