Anyne know yet when last night's game will be replayed on SEC network?

My 90 year old father normally goes to bed well before 8:00 at night and gets up before 4:00 in the morning. So, he fell asleep and missed seeing last night’s 8:45 PM game. He tried to record it but the rain delay or user error made it not work. I told him I would try to let him know when he could see it and he is in a hurry to do so.

You can watch the replay streaming anytime for the next 7 days on a laptop or desktop or if your savvy enough shoot it out to your main TV like I do.

Just go to ESPN3 and select Schedule & Replays then click Replay, then click the date you want and scroll down to find the game.

Or here is a link:

Thanks but my father refuses to have a computer and, therefore, no internet in his home. He does get the SEC Network and that is where I am hoping for a replay.

I think it replayed at 2 AM This morning

Shortly after it finished…

If he doesn’t want to wade through a 3 hour game, there’s a good highlights video on YouTube that’s 12 minutes +. Captures the key action and emotion. (At least I assume it does. I haven’t watched the whole thing.)

I’ve watched it three times. It hits the high points.

He is 90, has a basic cell phone. No computer. No internet. Replay on SEC Network is it. Any idea where their schedule is for this week?

This is all I could find on their TV listings. It doesn’t look like a complete schedule. I don’t see overnight listings.

I suspect your dad is out of luck if he’s looking for a replay on SEC Network. Maybe they’ll show one overnight within the next few days, but with the SEC Tournament starting on Tuesday and the softball regionals going on right now, the network has a lot of programming. You can hunt and see if you find anything, but I didn’t notice any listings for it in the next two or three days, though it lists a 30-minute SEC Inside show about the series with Florida (or one of the games) tomorrow at 5 p.m. central. I don’t know if that’s from the Arkansas perspective or Florida’s or what. Might be worth a watch.

Thanks for the link. Looks like all of the normal replays are pre-empted by the tournaments. They squeezed in a Tennessee vs SC replay but not the #1 team clinching the title against the #9 team. You think they would ignore that if it had been Bama?

My YouTube TV automatically records each time a program is on. So when the replay of our game was on in the middle of the night, it was recorded. I don’t like that I can’t keep any recordings permanently, but it is nice to be able to watch replays.

You need to tell your Dad to do what I did. Went to sleep in the recliner before late game start and woke up in the middle of the 5th inning. Just in time to watch the best part of the game. Of course I’m much younger than your Dad----only 83. Go Hogs!!!

and yet…instead of showing replays of baseball games…the SEC Network is still showing Alabama National Championship football games or even replays of the various members spring football games

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