Anybody: why did Florida look so lousy?


They have had a couple of injuries, but it was more about Arkansas jumping ALL over one of their aces. That starting pitcher had given up 2 HRs in his CAREER at UF. He gave up 3 home runs to Arkansas and got pulled without getting an out in the 2nd inning. Arkansas just dominated after a hot start and kept their foot on the pedal. Pitching and hitting was both great.

Well, florida played the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Kacey Murphy made them look pretty lousy. He’s done that to quite a few teams this year, although none with as high of a profile.

Sometimes nobody expects the unexpected. How many times have we been on the down side of the unexpected in any sport.
But when things are clicking for a quality DVH Team late in the season, well there are times this is what you can expect.


Florida took a knock out blow from the first pitch Singer threw until the game ended! The MO JO was flowing and Murphy took the mound with a 5 run lead and unlike the first Moo U game of the tournament the hogs keep adding to the lead. We left some dicks on the pond against Moo U and hit some balls that were caught by great defensive plays today we had some gods hits and also Gates had 2 that were hit as hard as I’ve seen him hit in a while the one to center was a liner right to the center fielder and the one pulled down the first base line was also hit hard but caught.
The hogs look good at the plate and are not getting cheated when they Swine the bat! The offense can explode anytime.
I credit our offense for taking the pressure off Murphy today and credit Murphy for battling and throwing strikes! Florida has a good team but today our hogs put a country spanking on those gators.

I thought the hogs looked good! Whose cares about the gators! Knock out from the first pitch until the final out. The offense keep adding to the lead and the rest is academic.
Murphy relaxed and had the pressure off of him before he took the mound. Once he got it going. He mixed in the change up well and located the fastball. 7 k’s and 3 BB in 7 innings is solid and only allowing 2 hits ( 1 double and 1 single). Great team effort from all the hogs! I also appreciate Gates for 2 hard hit balls today that could have been hits! From top to bottom of the order our hogs can apply pressure to any team in college baseball! Perfect time to get hot!!!

There are probably not many fans today who understand your tag, ScientificRocket. You can count me among the people who remember.

To borrow a quote from a recent Texas Rangers manager, “That’s the way baseball go”.

Remember - in baseball the best teams usually win about 60% of their games. That’s a lot different from Football, where the elite when north of 90% of the time, and basketball, where it’s about 80%. That means that, more than any other sport, a “lesser” team can beat a “better” team on any other day and it’s not a big deal, or surprise.

Point being, I’m never surprised or shocked by the outcome of any ONE baseball game.

That said, yesterday’s game against Florida came close.

I was shocked by yesterday’s game mostly because I thought the circumstances coming in all signaled a likely and perhaps lopsided UF win. We were playing our 4th game in 4 days, they were playing their 3rd in 4. They had one of their best pitchers on the mound & we had to depend upon a tired BP that has been a weakness all season. Even with all that, I wouldn’t have been shocked by a low scoring close win. After all, our inconsistent BP has shown signs of exceptional play from time to time, but a 16-0 rout? I’d have never predicted that. In fact, if someone had told me the final score was 16-0 & asked me to pick the winner, I’d have said Fla.

I love our chances to get to Omaha. I think they’re as good as anyone’s. Unfortunately, for the reasons you point out, we could also fall flat & not get out of a regional, much less a super. Still, with 2 “ace” pitchers, we’re set up very well for a regional format. Win the first 2 & we’ll be facing a team playing its 4th game with what is likely to be an over-extended pitching staff. Just hope Knight & Stephan are as “on” next week as they have the past couple. As Singer showed us, even the best can be off their game.

Thanks Swine. I was a contemporary of yours on the Hill as an undergraduate. As you are aware, the term “Scientific Rocket” was coined by our own Coach Danny Ford.