Anybody watch much Big East basketball?

Glancing over the conference-only stats, the offensive numbers are astronomical in the Big East. I can’t tell if the offenses are that good or if the defense was lacking. For instance, only one team St. John’s in the Big East managed to hold opponents under 50% in deuces in BE play. St. John’s was the only other top 30 defense besides Villanova in the BE, as opposed to 7 from the SEC.

Nova averaged over 62% in deuces in BE play. I know Nova is an outstanding team. They may even win the NC, but AVERAGE 62% in conference? Duke has two potential NBA post starters on their frontline surrounded by quality shooters, and they only managed 54% on deuces in the ACC. Only 5 teams in the ACC gave up over 50% in deuces in ACC play. Same as the SEC. Nova barely shot 50% against Tennessee in a game in which they won the line 33-12.

The BE has some guys that can really shoot the rock, but it doesn’t look like they see much interior defense during the season.

As always you come up with some good info. That Villanova vs UT game is very interesting.