Anybody seen the the price

For a ticket to see UA play UCA in NLR this year? $40.

Outrageous, if you ask me.

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I bet that they are trying to take advantage of all of those who cannot get tickets to attend a game at Baum-Walker Stadium.

Are you looking on a secondary site? The information I received said general admission tickets, including berm, bleacher and standing room are $15; reserved seats are $20; and box seats are $22.

Tickets go on sale Feb. 22.

Broyles-Mathew’s and Super Hog contributors received an email today offering up to 8 tickets, a picnic with DVH and spirit groups for $40 per person.

When I called the ticket office asking for the price of regular tickets, I was told $40. Maybe I talked to someone who didn’t know what the were talking about.

Wouldn’t put it past them :roll_eyes:

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