Anybody remember whe Bo Hix’s father coached HSU?

Bo Hix’s father, Patrick, is a former Auburn QB, but he was also Head Football Coach at Henderson State 15-20 years ago.

As I recall, he was unsuccessful, winning only a handful of games in a couple seasons.

I don’t remember details, but wasn’t there a controversy when Patrick’s assistants were caught spying on OBU’s practices? It was funny at the time, and quite embarrassing for Patrick and HSU.

That type of behavior seems to be part of the Auburn culture.

The HSU-OBU rivalry has always been one where anything went, and that was just the student bodies. A future governor of Arkansas/TV pundit was a ringleader of one major student prank.

But it was 1999-2000 that Patrick Hix was at Henderson. Bo was born in February, 2000; I don’t know if he was born in Arkadelphia, but he might have been. That would make him the second SEC quarterback of an Alabama school to have Arkadelphia roots. Richard Todd played junior high ball at Arkadelphia in the 1960s, moved to Mobile and went on to QB the Ocean Scum and the Jets in the NFL…

SwineFusion, yes everyone is aware of pranks by students. These were college coaches (adults) to the best of my memory.

Patrick Nix was 3-19 in 2 years at Henderson!

Spying on practices pretty easy in the old AIC. Fields often had no fences. You could park on the road and watch a UCA practice 20 yards away. No hiding.