Anybody notice

How many hitters (Hogs and opponents) choke up on the bat about one inch now days?

I hadn’t noticed before this year.

Almost all of Arkansas’ hitters choke up with two strikes, some more than others. Battles’ is real defined.

Yes, but they are choking up with every swing now.

Good question for Thompson or DVH. :blush:

With some, that has been a point of emphasis. Cayden Wallace’s season turned around when he changed his grip and raised his hands about an inch.

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Choking up just an inch gives you a quicker bat and more bat speed.

Remember Barry Bonds…he used a 31 or 32 inch bat and choked up, also. His bat was incredibly quick.

Going against all these pitchers who throw in the mid to high 90’s makes you choke up if you want to hit for a decent average.

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