Anybody notice the AT&T commercial?

where the color commentator describes the Purdue uniforms? Bunch of hog fans in the next section, like Purdue is playing Ark. Have we played them lately and I don’t remember? Maybe a womens’ game? If not, did they make the whole thing up? And if they did, wonder why they picked the hogs?

Gotta be a Gene Keady connection somewhere.

Arkansas and Purdue both played in Detroit in last year’s NCAA Tournament. Purdue played the game after Arkansas-Butler. That’s a possibility.

Thx. That makes sense. Was anybody there last year? Did you make the commercial?

Just came on again in the Wofford-Seton Hall game. Wofford is shooting lights-out, just made 3 or 4 three pt. shots in a row, one twisting-falling away crazy.

I am guessing they took some footage from last year and superimposed the two actors talking in front of actual crowd images behind them. I bet there are several Arkansas fans out there who are now hooting and hollering with their friends over being in the background of that commercial. They just needed some random video of fans in the stands waiting for the game to get going again. So, they used last year’s game which had a team’s fans with the right colors in the shot.

You can kind of see the different lighting in the foreground people and the background people in the stands, particularly at the beginning of the commercial in the wide shot:

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Probably right, Hogmodo. On another note, the commercials with that clueless broadcaster had me rolling all day yesterday :lol:

So we did make it to the NCAAs this year? If only in a commercial!!! WPS!