Anybody man enough to ask Freeze the tough questions?

I wonder if any “journalist” down at the SEC meetings will man up and ask Hugh Freeze anything about the NCAA investigation or the Nutt lawsuit filed yesterday? I expect a bunch of typical softball lobs up to the Beaver.

The only guy who I know has the stones to question him is Steve Robertson of the Mississippi State Scout Web Site. That guy is tough as they come.

It will be interesting to see if anybody from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette inquires to Coach Freeze.

Trust me, the media can’t WAIT to get to Bucky!.. He’ll “defer” as instructed by counsel, but that won’t stop them from asking!!!

Agree. I don’t expect to find out anything but you can take it to the bank they will be asking.

First question was from Bob Holt about the Houston Nutt lawsuit.

From what I’ve heard about Bob, that’s not surprising at all. However, did Bucky dodge the question?

Yes, he dodged it. He said he couldn’t comment because it is a legal matter.

I’m surprised that anyone would think that the media wouldn’t answer the question.

Really surprised. Man enough?

My guess is guys were fighting over the microphone, but it is tradition for Bob to go first.

Coaches also have to do far more than just the main room. There are several other face-to-face interviews.

You know Bucky has been coached & rehearsed on what to say/do. He’ll pass the buck (pardon the pun) every opportunity he gets…that is his problem, “Holier than thou” and won’t “own up”!

Yep. And there are no chances to filibuster in the other rooms. It is straight Q&A.

I am glad Bob Holt asked him a question about the lawsuit. What was the question? It takes some guts to ask those tough questions in front of a crowd and the cameras. Not many reporters will do it…

I would bet nobody who covers Ole Miss football asked him anything but a lobbed softball.

I’m surprised that anyone would think that the media wouldn’t answer the question.

[/quote]I thought they would ask it - didn’t expect them to answer it . . .


C’mon Dudley, you’re not really surprised about what you read on boards like this, are you? After all this time?

It would be surprising for someone to “man up” (see what I did there?) and ask a media type face to face (in person) if they were “man enough” to ask the question, etc. But on an anonymous board like this, people are continually emboldened to “speak” with such hubris.

Now, I’m not suggesting anything about the OP in this case (JHawg). Just saying you shouldn’t be surprised when you read things like that in this forum. You’ve been around too long for that to shock or surprise you.

Writers do t ask Saban the tough questions
Fine sum was the only one last year…