Anybody know

What Jessica Alba was doing at the game yesterday? Surely there is reason she is in town.
She’s always been one of my crushes.

Also, didja know Drew Barrymore owns a house in Bentonville?
One of my customers took a selfie with her at the Bentonville Supercenter. Said she was really nice.
Anothere one of my crushes.


she was looking for you! :sunglasses: :rofl:

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She was in town due to Walmart. She was setting with Walmart’s CEO

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Dang! I didn’t even get to watch the game live. Had a really busy (but great) day at the car lot.
I probably would have melted into the floor if I got within 5 feet of Jessica.:laughing:


Mine too from that time period… #1 was always Kathy Ireland and #2 was Angie Everhart, but in that top 10 was also Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, and Jessica Beal. (called em the J triplets)



No JLo? Still looks good. Probably a vampire, lol.

Yeah there were a few more J’s as Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Connley… I was sorta stuck in the J’s :slight_smile:

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Not a bad place to be stuck, lol.

And Beyonce. Muss’s pick on Fast Break with Muss segment with Jimmy Dykes during the Florida game.

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