Anybody know why the Tigers didn't re-sign McCann?


He just did not hit well in Detroit. The Tigers parted ways with him to save some money. He would have been owed about $3.5 million had Detroit picked up the 2019 option on his contract. Based on his free agency, that would have been well above market value. He signed with the White Sox for $2.5 million.

The Tigers are going with rookie Grayson Greiner as their every day catcher. That will save them around $3 million over re-signing McCann. The Tigers are in rebuilding mode and did not tender offers to several players like McCann. Here is betting they finish in the bottom of that division. I am guessing that James enjoys Chicago better than Detroit. I would.

Growing up in Northern Indiana, as a lifetime (65 yrs) White Sox fan, I’m ecstatic! This is about the only exciting thing that’s happened for the White Sox since winning the World Series in 2005. I hope Steverson, the Sox’ hitting coach can get James back on track with his bat. I’d love to see him hit .250, with some power, this year and the Sox sign him to a long term contract.

The Sox got a couple of great pitching prospects when they traded Chris Sale to the Red sox. McCann could be great working with them.

Detroit did McCann a favor by not taking that option for 2019. Getting out of that armpit would have been a priority for me.
I’m hoping he gets back to hitting the ball like he’s capable of doing.