Anybody Know When Florida A&M ...

… arrived in Little Rock Wednesday? Not that it really matters, but it’s so strange for them to bus to the game.

Not surprised at all about them busing in. No idea what their budget is but can’t be much.

I can’t imagine these big players crammed into a bus for a ride from Tallahassee, Florida in the rain. If conditions are perfect and you never have to stop for a meal, bathroom or fuel it takes 11 hours. With stops it will take 14 hours because these boys have to eat. If you don’t think that causes any kind of lag or stress on your legs or back, you are kidding yourself. These poor souls will be sluggish at best. The worst part is after the game when they are sore and bruised and should be doing rehab work but instead they’ll be riding 14 hours back on the bus in the rain. Our boys will take a 35 minute jet ride home and start rehabing tonight. I realize these small schools rely on this money and I admire the new President of Florida A&M who has done a great job of straightening out that school’s financial woes, but this is a lot to ask of these kids. I hope our fans tonight will show them some love as they come and go because they certainly deserve it. I predict we will win 52-0, but I hope we do it with class!

one of the hoped for great recruiters who did a great job in the most turbulent HDN time on the Hill. I thought he was a great hire back then and I think that FAMU has a head coach over their stature. His budget limits be damned, but I bet he gets them back to the limelight in the historical black college ranks. TSU made a really good hire here in Nashville and there is a re-kindling of interest. The Rattler band needs a winner to get them back on television more: … g-his-ten/

According to a story I found last week they decided to bus to this game so they’ll have money in the budget to fly to some road games within their conference.

The Tallahassee paper today had an article by a reporter who was on one of the four buses. The AD rode with everyone else. Described it as a twelve hour bus ride, but I did not see a departure time.

Yes, I just saw on Twitter where they said the ride wasn’t terrible and they got in last night.

The photos with the Tallahassee story show the buses being loaded before dawn yesterday. Sunrise yesterday in Tallahassee was 7:12 a.m. and they are in Eastern Time Zone. Assuming they left around 7:15, took 12 hours, and accounting for the change to Central Time, they should have arrived around 6:15 p.m. in Little Rock.

Wonder if they got a walk through of any kind at the stadium getting in that late. I’m not sure they would turn on the lights for them, and by the time you got everybody unloaded at the hotel and fed, there would have been just about enough time to have a team meeting and call it a night.