Anybody know what ever happened to Fuzzy?

He posted on this board and was an occasional guest on Chuck Barrett’s radio show.

He lived in East TX, rode motorcycles. He was a hoot. :smiley:

I did a search for fuzzy’s posts. Last time he posted was during the bowl loss to Virginia Tech. So almost a year and a half.

I’m Facebook friends with him. I don’t know if he’s still an HI member, but he’s active on FB and still a big Hog fan.

Ask him, and tell him we miss him

Fuzzy is busy with his goats. He has a big herd of goats. He’s doing fine. I check on him.

Clay, thanks. Good to hear. Fuzzy was always a must read.
Tell him a bunch of us were asking about him and hope
he is in good health.

Bless his heart. I’ve had dogs, cows, horses, cat’s and 1 goat in my lifetime. That goat was more trouble than all of the other animals I’ve owned. We still tell stories about George the goat. Not good stories.

Miss Fuzzy too. A great fan.

Ole LD