Anybody know if UA sold all available

Tickets for the ASU game?

Yep, they did.

I’d have to think the sold seats were mostly the season ticket holders. While that wasn’t a bad crowd, it wasn’t a particularly great one, although I’m sure weather contributed to that. Still, if the instate “rvialry” game was as anticipated as some thought, I’d have expected more people. Instead, I think most Hog fans kinda yawned at it. I could hear some ASU fans on the SEC broadcast. Have no idea how many there were or how vocal or visible they were.

Bingo. 100%.

All that handwringing for decades and it was “Meh, another midweek game.” World did end. Allegiances didn’t change. I suspect donations to the Razorback Foundation won’t decrease.

And yet every available ticket to the public was sold. I’m sure the athletic department was happy about that.

@MattJones - have any other midweek games sold out?

There were still tickets available in the last four sections of both right field line and left field line seats as of noon yesterday. I know because I went on the ticket site to check out of curiosity. The Oklahoma game was closer to having all seats sold, but that was when the capacity was still reduced.

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Good point. I’d certainly not advocate ditching a home game v a P5 opponent to play stAte, but another Sun Belt, MAC or SWAC team, for sure

There were over 750 tickets available for this game as of Monday, although the box score indicated the attendance 7645. I guess it’s possible to have been a sellout, but I doubt it. There wasn’t as near a crowd at the sellout number, as for the Georgia series, or even the aTm series, at a lesser capacity mandate. It was a good crowd for a Tuesday night midweek game. I’m guessing there were probably 100 ASU fans spread out in the stands,

I looked online for a ticket late last week. There were a lot of tickets left in batches of four. I ended up not getting one because I saw only one single ticket that I didn’t want, and I didn’t want to pay for four. Plus the weather wasn’t looking good for last night.

If it did sell out, it did so over the last couple of days. All those tickets were left after the season ticket holders had another shot once seating was expanded a few days ago.

The fact the stadium wasn’t full does not preclude a sellout.
I had two tickets
My wife chose not to go in the weather

I’m sure there were many others who had tickets but stayed home

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When they opened ticket sales for May, I bought tickets for the pink puppies game. (It was the only upcoming game for which I didn’t have tickets.) I tried to buy my regular ticket (plus one.) But those seats were in a group of five and I couldn’t buy those. Luckily the seats right behind my regular seat were available. So the scarcity of individual tickets doesn’t surprise me.

Midweek baseball & softball games are not the same thing as a football game, especially an annual football game. Nothing about last night has changed my mind about the wisdom of staying away from in-state competition. Still, from a Razorback’s perspective, it was no big deal. I’d bet it was a much bigger deal for ASU fans.

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Totally agree.

I suspect that is the case with every Sun Belt, SWAC, etc team we play

True, but I’d bet not to the degree it is for ASU. It’d be the same for ULM or La Tech playing LSU or Georgia Southern playing UGA.

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Of course

I think that goes for most programs. We get up for LSU more than they get up for us. Mizzou seems to get up for us more than we get up for them.

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I think there were some midweek sellouts when the tickets were limited to 4,000-something at the start of the year.

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