Anybody know how we got Tygart

Out of the state of Mississippi?

Do we have connections?

I heard someone mention a few weeks ago his parents liked the hogs and so did the young man! The hogs got a winner in Tygart.


His mom is from Arkadelphia and his dad is from Little Rock. Ole Miss never offered, so his decision came down to Arkansas vs Mississippi State. I’ll be writing more on him next week.


His parents and other family tailgate with us. I had said something to the effect that the Arkansas coaching staff and its record of getting players to advance had to be a contributor. His dad said no, that Brady was influenced by the incredible facilities. I’m sure that his parents being Arkansas fans didn’t hurt.


I haven’t seen anything about him. Can you tell me who he is and what position he plays? I just wanted some information on him.

He’s our closer.

And a awesome closer. Ice water in his veins.

And he is a true freshman.


I think Tygart will probably only be a closer this year. I think he will be worked into a starter before his time is finished at Arkansas.

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I’m fine with Taylor being the closer and Tygart being a starter … now.

McIntyre looks like he could crack the weekend lineup before long.

Tygart is impressive for a freshman. May see him starting on Sundays soon.

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