Anybody heard why Zeb Vermillion didn’t play

This weekend?

I Have no idea

We stopped at the foundation office Wednesday and Zeb was headed to the clubhouse. It was pretty early so maybe he was getting some kind of treatment. But just a guess.

Arm soreness. He had a short outing at Ole Miss last Saturday and didn’t pitch last Sunday either.

Van Horn said he hopes to have Vermillion and Noland available for South Carolina.


Matt? If Noland’s fore arm injury was the only reason for him not returning to be a starting SEC pitcher, what kind of “shot in the arm” could this be for this team whose only, apparent, weakness is starting pitching? Or had Noland been beaten out for starter pitching before the injury?

I think Connor was beaten out for a starting job early in the year. He was one of about nine players who were evaluated as starters. Could the arm have bothered him and cause him not to pitch as well in the preseason? I don’t know. He seemed to throw pretty well the first time he pitched this season.

If he pitches to his potential, it could be a big deal that he is coming back, and given the trouble with starting pitching and his experience, I could see him getting a shot at some point. I think it will be a few weeks until his pitch count is built up. Even if he isn’t a starter, he can potentially provide multiple quality innings to the bullpen each weekend. As a starter or reliever, he can provide value.

Connor will get every opportunity to pitch meaningful innings. He’ll have to start out with a lower pitch count and build back up. So early on, it’s going to be one or two innings. I would think by post-season, you could have him stretched out to 75 pitches. But it’s going to be 35-40 early on.

I think if Vermilion can go he may a shot at the 3 slot in the rotation, I don’t think Lockhart is the answer,just don’t think he has the stuff to get SEC hitters out consistently,i could see Zeb and eventually Noland getting a shot at it.

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Lael has to throw strikes. He was not getting his breaker over Sunday. He has average stuff. But can get strikeouts with his breaker.

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