Anybody heard timeline for announcing new staff?

Probably end of next week?


I would assume. I am reserving judgment on some of these positions. Coach is bringing at least 3 of his guys that were former GA’s at Clemson and the only coaching that they have done is with him at SMU. I know that they are young, hungry and excited, just looks like some of the same types coach Bielema brought in that came from the NFL. I was hoping for a more experienced staff with recruiters with SEC experience.

On offensive recruits, it seems like Coach Morris is the closer and main recruiter. So far, his offensive assistants seem to be more about running his offense effectively than they are about recruiting. They may be great recruiters but their background is mostly on the east coast, not local states. Lunney, if he stays as the tight end coach, may be the only one besides Morris with strong local recruiting ties on the offensive side of the staff. Who he hires at defensive coordinator will determine the make-up of his defensive staff. He has brought none of his defensive staff with him from SMU. That implies he thinks he can get a much better DC at Arkansas than what he was able to get at SMU.

Matt noted in another thread that some hires may not be announced until after the bowls. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=13234