Anybody heard the status of Sategna?

Our receiving corps could use his speed.

Even if he is healthy now, probably lost a lot of reps. But still could loosen up a defense going deep. I just wonder why there isnt a package for Green to go deep from a motion play. Maybe doesnt have the hands for it.

Isaiah played late in the Auburn game.

I am sure they have those plays for AJ. Deep passing for a guy out of backfield requires protection and they need the back in. Of course Arkansas got their lone TD against LSU on wheel route to Dominique Johnson.

I know that I saw #16 on the field in special team action and just flashed back. We do not lack speed on the outside or slot. Our problems for winning are in both lines play and sometimes secondary numbers. Anyone doubt that if McFadden came out now that he would not be preferentially placed at S by the coaches??? Assuming Catalon was always injured and the need for S was as big as it remains.

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