Anybody heard how ticket sales for Saturday's

Game in NLR are going.

A sellout would be wonderful.

Game in NLR are going.

A sellout would be wonderful.[/quote:2u51e9nv]
Heard it was sold out.

Only tickets I could find on Ticketmaster were upper level very top on the ends and not many of those.

There are upper-level tickets remaining.

Not many upper level seats left though. Only the upper half of the end zone sections, probably about 1,200 by my rough count on the official ticketmaster site. That’s Verizon Arena’s official ticket selling site, not after market. They won’t need to use the curtain for the upper level this year.

I’d planned on going. Really looking forward to it. Then Mrs. NEA tells me we have a couples party to go to Saturday night & I’m “invited” to attend. I am more than a little miffed. I won’t be any fun at the party, I can assure you of that.

(BTW, a buddy & I were going & it turns out he got a similar invitation to the same party from his wife.)

Oh, and for those of you who will call me a wuss or something like that for not standing up to my wife, you’re all wrong. She’d hardly gotten out of the room before I flipped her off.

You almost made me spew my drink on my keyboard! :smiley:

you da man, NEA!

W :lol: :lol: :lol:

Been there, done that. Two most important words are, “Yes Dear”. I have told that to so many young friends moving into husband life. Years later, all agree.

Happy wife happy life! My daughter has a basketball game. So I’m going to watch my baby girl play. She has watched the hogs and has learned to be scrappy. At 9 years old she is after the ball. It’s fun to watch the little ones play.

That was hilarious! You da man, NEA!

There are just more than 100 tickets remaining for the game this morning through Verizon Arena.

Officially a sell out. Put the curtain away.