Anybody else upset that Razorback stadium lost an SEC game?

It’s a combination of Long firing having something to do with LR games, in some part.

Clay talking about playing a SEC game in LR long-term.

Tuberville saying the same thing.

Talk about new AD needs to be someone that wants to keep games in LR.

If next year’s Ole Miss game is a final SEC game celebration, I’m all for it, but if there are plans to play an SEC game in LR every year… I’m not getting season tickets. It devalues the RRS season ticket package. I’ll just buy tickets on StubHub.

I don’t care what Tuberville has to say about anything. You noticed where he was talking about running for governor. Alabama, not here. He’s an Alabamian (?) now. Stick a fork in him. And darn sure don’t hire him for anything.

Doesn’t bother me that they chose OM instead of Vandy for the WMS swan song, if it is the swan song. But there are definitely indications that the swan won’t be singing.

It would 100% be an Arkansas thing to shoot ourselves in the foot in the name of tradition. Less money, lost recruiting weekend, inferior facility (you really think they’re going to find $10 million to even get it up to minimal standards?), etc. But by golly, Tommy from Sheridan has to be able to get to a game after he gets out of the deer woods.

I would have been a lot more OK with this if the WMS fans had even acted like they want games for the past few years. But attendance has been pretty lousy, even for SEC games against Georgia and Moo U. So yeah, let’s reward their apathy with games in perpetuity :roll: I’m sure the crowds will go back to being lousy the first time we can’t have an SEC game there, which will be very difficult to do as long as we’re playing TAM in Arlington and losing a home game every other year. I have a major problem with only playing two SEC games on campus.

Crowds have been subpar at WMS… and at DWRRS of late. That’s because the product is uninspiring, boring, and just flat out out lousy. Thankfully only two more days to go…

I predict a sellout at WMS for the Rebels next year and meaningful games for years to come. A win for Tommy from Sheridan and a loss for Swine and his ilk…thinking about that and the ending of the Bret error of Razorback football reinforces that Today is a great day to be a Hog fan!

I expect a good crowd for Ole Miss, too, especially if we have a decent record going into the game. I think much of the problem for attendance at WMS is that there are so few games there no one buys “season tickets” for it anymore. I admit it bothered me we had such bad attendance for Georgia, but we started that year slow. I can’t believe fans have changed, but there was a time when WMS crowds were not only large but raucuous. Heck, that hasn’t even been that long ago—less than 10 years. We probably need to schedule the MU Thanksgiving game there. In other years, keep playing Ole Miss there. I know Thursday night games against FAMU won’t bring many people.

The Thanksgiving game there makes the most sense. Students aren’t on campus for the holiday & not many people want to travel to the game on the day after. It’s one game where the local population & east Ark fans will attend with some enthusiasm.

Love the idea of playing the Mizzou game at WMS for all of the reasons you stated.

We Start winning again the crowds will come back whether it is Little Rock Or Fayetteville. Six Years ago tomorrow we beat L S U at Little Rock The crowd was wild.

I am not an idiot - I knew that the 2018 game would either feature an SEC opponent or be bought out. So much for the buyout.

This is not the sleepy lil UA that many of us knew when we were students. My Grandfather graduated when there were under 3000, My mom graduated when there were under 5000, and I graduated when there were under 13,000 on campus. We are double that now. And, all those new names are from out-of-state. They don’t give a rip about LR. Heck, Arlington is as appealing to them as is LR.

When I was in college there was a buzz about a LR game. Because the bulk of the Arkansas students were NOT from NWA the LR0-area students would head home (often on Thursday) and take friends with them. Party on Friday, party before the game on Saturday, and it was often a night game! TV didn’t set start times like they do now. So, the atmosphere was amazing. I suspect that strategically scheduled games in LR would continue that? But, one a year and it is as rent-a-win and it is a Thursday night…no wonder it has lost its luster. Not easy to regain.

Lest anyone think we are returning to the glory days, we didn’t sell out UGA the year Greg Childs slipped down the sideline late for a winning TD reception. (I am remembering that correctly, right? it wasn’t a sellout)

RRS games have been well-attended and typically featured electric crowds until the losing slide earlier this year.

I disagree, we had games last year at both RRS and WMS that had open seats. Many of us, especially when we were still on the old Scout board discussed this multiple times, heck it even is occurring in BWA. That’s why a lot of us want to win 2/3 games in Portland this weekend. We expect that to change the “down” attendance

Childs got the winning TD against Georgia, all right, but that was at Athens in 2010.


We did play them in 2014 in WMS. Scored first, gave up 38 straight points, then made it mildly interesting in the fourth quarter before losing 45-32. Tickets sold listed at 54,959, but a lot of those came disguised as empty seats (this was game 12 of Bielema’s 0-13 start in SEC games).

I think the Governor has decided there will be games in Little Rock. I suspect some things will be done to improve the stadium.

I think the days of playing in Arlington are soon to end. Aggies don’t want them. Hogs can’t play in LR and Arlington.

I think playing a good game in Little Rock is important. Too many folks in that part of state to walk away from that game.

We have to keep something in LR. We are too small and poor to be divided.

When the students are aren’t on campus, why don’t we play Mizziou in LR every other year? M0st folks are in LR or hunting close and can get there. Why in the HELL do we schedule LSU or OLE MISS there in LR? Makes it easy for their fans.

Place MO there and solve some issues. My two cents.

Thanks for the correction!

I sortof understand playing a game in LR. I say sortof because it’s less than a six hour drive to Fayetteville from almost every town in Arkansas, and only 3 hours from LR. Anyone that complains about the driving is just spoiled. Making a long drive to see your team play is normal in college football. There’s only a GSD in Arkansas because central Arkansas fans were spoiled by playing more than 50% of the games there for decades. Granted, it may have been necessary in another time. But today, these people don’t want to accept the fact that times have changed. I’m not speaking about everyone in central Arkansas; many do recognize that playing all the games in Fayetteville is what’s best for recruiting, national image, and other factors, but some people, like Wally Hall who insists on adding “, Fayetteville” after the UofA, and some powerful boosters, are more concerned about getting what they want instead of what’s best for the program. They could use their influence to rally support for what’s best for the program instead.

But that’s off point,

Playing a good game in LR takes a good game away from the Razorback Staduim season ticket package. It devalues the season ticket package. We buy tickets for all home games for the good games, and show up for the bad games to support the team (I don’t consider LR a home game. It’s an away game with a home crowd.). All the games cost the same. You pay the same whether it’s Costal Carolina or Alabama. A six ticket season ticket package isn’t cheap, and taking away a good game has made me reevaluate whether or not I should get season tickets, or just buy tickets to the good games (home and away) on the aftermarket ticket exchanges.

If playing in LR is inevitable, I’d much rather see LR get two no-name non-SEC games than lose an SEC game. I’d even be willing to pay 20% more per game for a 5-game season ticket package that consists of all the SEC home games, one good non-SEC game, and one non-name game.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Have ASU and AR play every year a home and home series in WMS, that way every other year ASU pays, and it’s a “road” game for AR. Both fan bases will show up in droves and will offset the cost every other year that the UA says they lose.