Anybody else upset that Razorback stadium lost an SEC game?

I don’t look at this as LR got a game, I see it as the Razorback stadium lost an SEC game. I know it was in the contract for 2018. If it’s a 1-year thing to say goodbye to LR games, I’m okay with it, but if this is an every year thing…

I have 5 south outdoor club seats at a cost of $142/seat/game; plus the donation. It’s a lot of money. Buying season tickets is worth it to have guaranteed tickets for all the SEC games (and maybe an occasional good non-conference game, like TCU or ND), but taking Ole Miss away devalues the entire package.

I’m seriously considering giving up my season tickets and just using StubHub or another aftermarket ticket exchange. I might go to LR for the Ole Miss game, go to 3-4 Razorback home games, and travel for 1-2 away games.

It would appear the GSD will live on. If JL had stayed it may have died, now it feels to me the winds are changing, and LR will get a new contract.
We’ll see.

The GSD will always be decided by the BOT, the AD can recommend or try to persuade, but it’s still a BOT decision & the BOT’s members come from all over the state. WMS needs improvement & I have no doubt games need to be subsidized to make up what we lose for playing there, but there is substantial benefit to having an attractive game or games there.

I would strongly agree, but in this case we have several home games in a row next year in October. It will actually break up a several weeks in a row Fayetteville home schedule. I was not happy myself until I saw how the schedule falls.

I agree with Clay, Harry, Tuberville, etc. on the subject of playing in Little Rock.

The bean counters and NWA hospitality related businesses hate games in Little Rock, but they are part of the fabric of the state and help make the Razorbacks the state team. One SEC game at least every other year and in the other years an attractive non conference game are a good thing for the program IMO.

It makes no sense at all, money wise or recruiting.

Plain dumb!!!

this “new” regime is heading down the rabbit hole and has no clue what to do

Might as well give Ole Miss an advantage like A&M has been given.

That’s a head scratcher, opening the SEC schedule with A&M in Arlington, Tx. Oh, I see we’re the “home” team every other year. OK, if they say so. There are a lot of aggies in these areas.

Oh, I forgot, it helps our recruiting wink, wink.

If games in LR is a given for the future, here’s what I would do for 2018 and beyond:

Give LR 2 no-name non-conference games at a price that fills the stadium. Maybe have a selection of cheap tickets for those that can’t afford the good seats. Let’s give kids in central Arkansas the Razorback fever… isn’t that the argument.

Give Razorback Stadium all the SEC games and quality non-conference games, and go up on the season ticket price by 25% to make up the difference. Maybe go up on concession prices, too. This would keep the total Razorback stadium season ticket price about the same.

I know this is dumb for recruiting, but it keeps the season ticket package affordable for both stadiums, it puts the big games in the biggest stadium, it should make LR happy because they’d get 2 games. and the recruits get to be on campus for the big games. It may be a win-win… win.

The crowds at the LSU games in Little Rock were the best crowds of the year. RRS has never been the home advantage compared to the great Little Rock crowds. Also, didn’t the contract require an SEC game in LR? Why not play a weakened Ole Miss team which has been pounded by the NCAA? The crowd should be rocking for a good SEC matchup.

In order to do the 2 games in Little Rock, we have to wait until we get out of Arlington

I think everyone who is automatically opposed to OM being in LR must be young. In the day, the rivalry was usually fought in LR and Jackson. It lit up both fan bases. It will again, and from every corner of Ark.
If there is passion among the masses, the money will follow. For those who worry about the “loss” of a game or revenue, I think it short sighted. I buy season tix and attend most Fayetteville games while living in LR. Is it ridiculous to ask NWA residents to drive 2-3 hours to do what many of us do routinely? If so, where’s your passion?

The CONTRACT required not only a game in LR, but an SEC game. How is this announcement the “loss” of a SEC game in Razorback Stadium?

I am for moving all the games to Fayetteville, but not by breaching the contract.

It’s not, but those on the Fayetteville side of the GSD are now nervous this is turning the tide (remember last week, we all thought it’d be Vandy, no complaining then)

University is in Fayetteville. Home games should be also. If The U of A would lose 4million a game, how does WM make that up? You take money away, find a way to replace it.

I remember our games in LR and Jackson. Fun times. Back in those days Fayetteville was a smaller stadium than war memorial and Jackson’s stadium was larger than oxford. Things have moved on. We need to play all our home games in our home stadium on our campus including A&M.

I’m sure you used to walk to school and it was 2 miles uphill in the snow, both ways. Times change, it’s time to move on. If the BOT moves an attractive game every year to WMS, then I don’t want to hear a word from them about the NEZ expansion, cost, or bond payments. People aren’t going to pay $4000 for 6 games a year.

Hoping like all get out the GOBN installs their handpicked AD and HC and both of those hires stand up for all games in RRS…on campus. We were “this close” (holding fingers really close together) to getting out of the situation.

The message to YOUR PLAYERS is that they don’t matter. Bus or fly for a home game? Substandard lockers rooms? Fewer fans? Lesser home field advantage for SEC games? I thought we just purged an AD and will a HC because WINNING matters a whole lot more than most of us considered?

Yeah, rocking just like that Georgia game a couple of years ago…oh wait, there 5000 empty seats and zero atmosphere.

You have great memories of LR games because more than half the games were played in LR, what was 3.5 hours from campus before the roads were improved. When I was at UA, 4 of 7 home games were played 3.5 hours away from the students one year, then 3 of 6 the next. Chances are, great memories were made in LR.

I grew up a Razorback fan in Houston. Had to drive to Austin, Dallas, College Station, Ft Worth, and Waco to see the Hogs, also saw them at Rice in Houston every other year, then vs. Houston after they entered SWC. Couldn’t wait to get to UA. Didnt realize it was a 3.5 hour drive for more than half the home games. It was fun Freshman year. Got to be a burden later. Cost too much for a student and took the whole weekend, since most LR games were night games. Had to drive less to see the Hogs living in Houston than I did as a UA student.

I’m guessing out of state students (and recruits) feel the same way about LR games, and more than 50% of the students are from Texas.

Again, I am in favor of playing all games in Fayetteville. But I don’t get the uproar over THIS announcement. We had already agreed to play in LR next year and that it would be an SEC game.

If they announce that they are signing a new contract to play more games in LR, and you want to be upset over that? SURE.

All this announcement did was say which SEC game it was. How is that telling players they don’t matter??? Again, this deal was already made, years ago.