Anybody else hear...

Calapari complaining after a 20 point win against Auburn, saying he shouldn’t have to be as hard on his guys as he is right now. He said he’s suppose to be just “encouraging” them right now. He went on rant about how undisciplined they are right now.

It’s really insulting. They are 5-0 and blowing everybody out and the guy is complaining because he has to actually coach. I really wish an NBA GM would just throw him some money to get him out of college basketball.

Some NBA team may get him eventually and if and when they do Biily Donovan will be there before ESPN can break the story. WPS

He just has to find a way to get attention. It’s always about him. Our 0-for the SEC women’s coach says he just outworks everyone.

What I don’t get is why people in the media, just let him get away with stuff like that. I’ve never seen anything like it before. The media even criticized Coach K, with his handling of Grayson Allen. But this guy Calapari, he can cheat, throw kids under the bus, be condescending, and nobody in the media dares to say anything about it.

He’s trying to get credit for coaching the most talented team in the NCAA

Actually sounded like he wasn’t, he was mad at the fact that he’s having to coach, that’s why I said it was insulting. He feels like after his players have played a semester of collegiate basketball all he should have to do is be “encouraging” right now. I’ve never heard a coach say that before in my life.

We haven’t agreed about much lately (which has been a massive change, I really enjoyed your posts and agreed with almost 100% of them until the MSU game) but we agree on Cal. Hate him. Don’t respect him. Don’t get why the media buys all his BS hook line and sinker.

Yeah, his act has gotten old.

Cal should be the universal subject that all hog fans agree on. If you’re a Hog fan and like Cal, we have nothing to say to each other ever.

As far as the other subjecst, it’s alright not to agree on everything, I like a good debate to be honest with you. I’ll tell you like another poster when we kept going back and forth, I hope you don’t take anything I say personal, I don’t mean any offense to anyone. I’m definitely opinionated and I’ll argue my point until I can’t anymore:)

Hey, until The NCAA changes the rules, it is what it is and Coach Cal is the king of recruiting one and dones. I hate the rule that allows the one and done. I believe that a kid should have the right to go pro straight out of high school or if they go to college they need to stay at least 3 years.

For the 874th time, one and done is not an NCAA rule. It’s an NBA rule. And it won’t change until the NBA and the players union agree to change it. The NBA would like to make it two and done (or actually make the rule that players have to be 20, which would amount to the same thing), but I don’t think it’s a high enough priority that it will be a bargaining chip in the next CBA negotiations.

It is amusing though. An 18-year-old is old enough to go to Afghanistan (we still have 8400 troops there) and get blown to bits, but he’s not old enough to buy a beer. Or play in the NBA.

Thanks for the correction… I admit that I don’t know what the NCAA can do then. Too me, the NBA rule hasn’t help the college game and that’s a shame. :frowning:

NCAA can’t do anything. And the NBA isn’t going to do anything for about a decade. They just reached a new CBA with the players last month. good for the next 10 years, that leaves the current rule in place, so it is not likely to change any time in the next decade. The players actually were in favor of a rule similar to the MLB policy – kids can sign right out of high school, but if they start college, they have to stay two years. But that was not included in the new CBA.

Even if the rule changed, which you mentioned it won’t for at least 10 years, it wouldn’t affect Kentucky much, they might actually be better, because now instead of having his team stacked with 18-year old future NBA players he’d have them stacked 19 and 20 year old future NBA players. Cal is going to slime his way to get the best players by any means necessary.

And him getting good players is not the beef I have with him, it’s his whole demeanor. First off he’s a known cheater. But, the biggest thing he has to always be the center of attention and always has something to say about every single thing and just acts like he just has it so bad having to coach future NBA all-stars, they are always so undisciplined and so young and always have so much to learn. He needs to give it a rest with that, any half-way decent coach could make it to the final four every year with the talent he gets.

Blu, I agree with you about Coach Cal. However, a rule changed may at least give other programs, like ours. a chance at keeping exceptional home growth talent.

You’re keeping track?

Not really. Next time somebody posts about the NCAA needs to change one and done, I’ll probably still use 874.

How so?

Look at the 2 proposed scenarios.

1st scenario - They change age limit to 20, which means basically 2 and done now. That’s not going to change what Kentucky does. A player like Malik Monk is going to play no matter what, Cal is going to always recruit a player with that type of talent. What will happen now is you will see a few more transfers, if Cal feels he has a better incoming player coming in you’ll see him ask/encourage a player that may not have met expectations to transfer, as you seen him do with Charles Matthews last year, who was a highly touted guy, however he wasn’t going to make rotation with the new incoming guys. Then you’ll see him also selling some guys on still coming to Kentucky, practice with the best players for a year, then the following year they’ll play a ton of minutes and be a first round pick. Which as you can see now, some top kids still feel like it’s better to come off the bench for Kentucky than start and play 30 minutes for a lesser program.

2nd scenario - They allow kids to go straight out of high school, however if they go to college they must stay 2 years. Now, this would actually be the worst scenario for a school like Arkansas. Because now, the top 10 kids of each class will elect to enter the draft. So now instead of Kentucky taking 5-6 of the top 20 kids (which Arkansas rarely has anyways) now they will take 5-6 of the top 50 kids, which Arkansas does produce more regularly. So now players like Dan Gafford and Khalil Garland are going to be drawing serious attention from Kentucky and other schools that are use to getting the top players.

Something I have never understood. Why would the players association be opposed to changing the rule? Lets say I am an NBA player. Not a super star (which most are not), but been on one roster or another for 3 or 4 or 5 years. Wouldn’t I want to make it harder for the guy who is currently in college to come get my roster spot? I get that the guys currently in college want to be able to go to the NBA right NOW. but they aren’t members of the players association.

As to the management of the players association (I assume there are non player staffers who run the thing) wouldn’t their number one priority be to help their CURRENT association members?

Anyway, I assume there is a good reason the players don’t want to change that I am just over looking, I just wonder what it is.

Some of it, I suspect, it’s just the attitude that if the NBA wants it we’re going to oppose it. I don’t think there’s any question that the current rule costs some mid-level NBA players their jobs every year because more 19 year olds come out to take those roster spots. As I noted above, the players did propose a variation of the Baseball rule, either sign out of high school or wait 2 years. Which would be okay with me. But I think Calipari will do just fine no matter what the rules are.