Anybody else disappointed in the fact

That no commitments resulted from the prospect day, especially Dominick? Had hoped our new DL Coach(s) (including Jones whom I’ve never seen an announcement on?) would show us something.

They’re in very good shape with Jordan. It appears he will visit Auburn but will see.

I think you’ll see some action soon.


Thanks RD, maybe so


Could have been some silent commits and we just don’t know it yet. Hoping for good news at 6pm tonight!

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Was referring to Dean.

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Yeah, I might have to backtrack on the earlier post!!

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Welcome to the hill young man

Welcome, big guy. Thrilled you will be a Razorback.

Ok eating humble pie I guess! Wow, a ready to go defender

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What a day….2 huge commits….time for a nice bourbon pour to celebrate!

It never a bad day when the hogs staff have young men on campus to spend time with and develop relationships.
I’m proud the young man committed!

Great news, also just saw a photo of CSP and he has dropped several pounds and looks to be doing well! WPS

Deak Adams seemed to play a big part in their recruiting. He may be a very good recruiter.

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