anybody been to practice?

any reports or is the lid on information as usual from the staff?

We have made overtures to attend practice since the summer, but haven’t been invited yet.

Matt, any recruits expected this weekend?

For basketball? I do not know. Dudley or Richard are better to ask.

There typically are recruits for most sports at the big football games like this. Baseball will have around 20 this weekend.

Gotta make sure all of that Mike Anderson coaching genius is kept under lock and key.

Next time you have a “clever” thought like that one . . . do the rest of us a favor and keep it to yourself.

I’ll keep it to myself once Coach Anderson wins to my satisfaction. It hasn’t happened yet. Not even close, really. He’s had plenty of opportunity too. This ain’t Elmo bitching about a first year coach.

Are you satisfied? Honestly?

More importantly, will Hunter Yurachek be satisfied after this year?

We shall see. Mike ought to be on the hot seat. He deserves to be. Can you credibly argue otherwise?


Over his 16 seasons as a head coach, Anderson has compiled a 351–184 record, 11 20-win campaigns, 9 NCAA Tournament appearances, two Sweet 16 berths and a run to the 2009 Elite Eight. Anderson is one of just 4 current Division I head coaches with 15+ years of experience and no losing seasons, along with Mark Few, Tom Izzo and Roy Williams.


Ok, in response to your so called “facts,” do you think Arkansas ought to be in the Sweet 16 even just occasionally? I sure do. But it ain’t happening with Mike. We’ve got a better program overall with Mike but Razorback basketball fans are good fans and this program can be a lot better than what Mike can deliver.

Expecting more I understand. Hot seat is ridiculous.

  • top 5 SEC last 5 years
  • tournament play 4 of 5 years
  • class act, players are graduating

I would like more, but I’m satisfied.

I agree with Navy and to be honest, I expected more.

All in all, MA is a keeper.

Some don’t believe the trend shows climate is changing. And some don’t believe the trend in Razorback basketball results on and off the court is showing up arrow and you don’t place Coach on a hot seat with that. Maybe the same people don’t believe in both.

It doesn’t matter what I think, but agree with this.

Anderson is not on the hot seat, period. Besides if there were a change , what coach would want come knowing we fired a coach that is averaging around 23 wins a year.

I get the frustration. We all have different levels of patience. Yours has obviously run out, which is understandable. But, mine hasn’t. I think Mike is building an awesome engine, which has taken time (justifiably or not), that will be worth it. But, I am seeing the results in recruiting. I do have expectations to equal what we did last season. I realize that we have lost some really good players, but MA has had time to make sure they were replaced. And, I think he has.

So, I don’t expect us in the sweet 16 this year, but I expect us back in the dance. I then expect us to continue to improve every year, since the majority of his players are now underclassmen. I do think this is the time to judge and if we don’t get to the sweet 16 by 2020, I think everyone’s patience will have run.

I’m not saying my position is right and no one should argue with me. I’m just saying this is my position. It ain’t changing. And, it’s shared by others.

No, I haven’t been to practice and yes Anderson can coach. The facts about his record are indisputable. However, I’m not a fan of the up tempo play that sometime looks like rat ball. I do admit that when it’s working, it’s fun to watch. At the same time, a fundamentally sound team with a good point guard has proven to be our nemesis and will normally beat us. To me, it take superior athletes to run the up tempo approach and we haven’t always had such athletes.

Rat ball? What’s rat ball?

I should say gym rat ball. You run up and down the court and whoever has the ball shoots.