Any word yet about TV/streaming/radio

for the North Texas game this Saturday?

I would like to know this also

Not yet, but expect to know soon.

It will be on radio in Little Rock and Fort Smith, and on the Razorback Gameday App. No TV or streaming.

Only 2 stations, surely there will be one in NWA to carry the game.

If not you can listen on the UA app.

Yes sir, I hadn’t thought of that

Those of us who live out of state only have the app/website option to hear Chuck. And sometimes that doesn’t work either. :rage:

I was in FL for the Auburn game and I was very pleased with the quality of the radio broadcast in the car.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the Sirius XM option. Which I’m paying for but not getting (the channels where they put SEC games aren’t coming through in my car).

I was streaming the App swine. I only really got to get in the 1st half which ended up being a good thing for me. :rofl:

That works. Yeah I’ve run the app through my car with Bluetooth on a few drives. But if I’m gonna pay for SXM I might as well get what I can out of that.

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Why was less important Red&White scrimmage streamed but not more important exhibition games, with interest in the program back to the glory days?

Obviously this is one thing about the program that Muss is not overseeing. This wouldn’t happen if Muss was in charge. He does not miss any opportunity to promote the program.

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I don’t have that answer. I get the sense Arkansas does not want to set a precedent for exhibition games to be televised.

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