Any word on Trevon Brazile's injury last night?

Just curious if anything more has been said than what was said last night when they showed him sitting on the bench?

Keep checking here, wondering the same

Muss said after the game TB would see the doctors today and they would probably get either an MRI or X-rays. Having watched the injury, I’d say we’d be looking at an MRI.

Hoping and praying he just either hyperextended it or a bad strain.

Hopefully it is minor… I believe he is one of the most valuable assets to this team when we get to the SEC facing good backcourt players.

He is kind of an “X factor” for us.

Fingers crossed that his injury is not major.

Out for the year – UA has sent out a release.

Not doubting you, but it’s not on any of the UA Twitter feeds yet. However, when I saw the direction his knee went last night, I feared the worst.

And I’m seeing media tweets now confirming it.

He is such a versatile player who combines his length with quickness, out of this world jumping ability, and a smooth jump shot with 3 ball range. He would be such an asset from all 3 levels that opponents would be facing a matchup nightmare. In addition, he enables us to compete with the big SEC rivals on the glass. He is the X factor that gets us to the Final Four.

Not this year, he’s not

Damn I hate that.

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I wouldn’t write us of as a FF prospect yet. Remember we have depth. Jalen Graham and Jordan Walsh need to step up.


I’m not writing us off either. Just saying if we get there it’ll be without TB.

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