Any word on a Michigan replacement???

I thought something was promised in December but if anything has been announced, I must have missed it.

I asked Bret Bielema about that two weeks ago in Mountain Home. He thought it would be announced soon. Now, what is soon? I pressed him and he just smiled and said soon again.

There really are multiple replacements at play here.

First, Arkansas has to replace Michigan as its Power 5 foe in 2018 and 2019. That has not happened yet. You are correct in that it was said something might be announced in December, but that never happened.

Second, because the Razorbacks were scheduled to open 2018 and 2019 with the Wolverines, they have to replace those dates as well. The 2019 date has been filled by Portland State; nothing on 2018 yet, but it appears Arkansas’ trend is going to be to play FCS teams on opening weekend several times in the coming years. It opens with Florida A&M this year and Missouri State in 2021.

Due to recent personnel moves can we do a home and home with Minnesota? They won’t be able to stop the run at all. :twisted:

That would would be good to get any poser 5 school. And I do agree they can’t stop the run.