any women transfers?

with the news of hall and jones transferring from the men’s team…any word on if any of the women’s team are also transferring?hope with what’s coming in and what looks to be promising to come…none will…

I haven’t heard about any transferring. Arkansas has two transfer guards who will be eligible and should have big roles next season, A’Tyanna Gaulden from Florida State and Chelsea Dungee from Oklahoma.

Yea, I heard Katy Perry and Jessica Biel are transferring in to be cheerleaders. I just bought season tickets.

Obviously there were a lot of transfers out last season and a coupe of transfers in.

I do not believe there will be any transfers out from women’s basketball. They don’t expect any.

I’m not a big fan of Katy Perry. I do not think she would be much good as a cheerleader. Too much of a bad attitude from what I hear.

We certainly differ on that.

Team Katy all the way here.

Ask and ye shall receive: