Any way

At some point we do a complete redo of bud walton arena? Decrease the size but make it more up to date, if it is out of date at all , I have no clue. Just curious after seeing attendance figures and reading about trends nationwide about smaller arenas.

I expect there will be some movement on that front in the next few years, probably after the baseball and track renovations are completed.

I think you’ll see seating decreased like has been done at Kentucky and Tennessee, and more premium-seating options added. Remember now the only premium options are for suites, which are outdated and small, but expensive, or floor seats, which also cost a lot of money and require a multi-seat, multi-year commitment.

The talk I’ve heard - and this is all very preliminary and might change because some of it was under the previous administration - calls for some work done to the concourses and concessions to address traffic flow, and back-of-house areas to better accommodate concerts and other events, like the Walmart shareholders week. One thing that I’ve been told is that the tunnel underneath the arena can only fit one 18-wheeler at a time, whereas newer arenas can accommodate three. It makes the setup and tear downs tough for events other than basketball.

Hunter Yurachek is hopeful of tackling this project soon. He knows what they need and will get it done.

I can’t remember where I’m getting my information from, but for some reason I was lead to believe that the upper deck is supposed to be gutted to add more premium seating and lounges (like the new NEZ). But maybe I dreamed it.

If they do major changes, I hope the student section will be moved so that it can make more of an impact.

Kentucky, Kansas, and Tennessee all have their student seating in the end zones. Our students get a pretty healthy supply of good seats, they don’t fill their sections as well as the long time season ticket holders.